More church members harassed

Two other members of the Church of the Universe, Brothers Dan Sweeney and Sol Southcott, have also been harassed by police. It was January 1, 1999 and the two were walking home from their place of employment, the Sacred Earth & Fetish Tattoo Shop in Barrie, Ontario, when a police car stopped them.
Two officers sprang from the vehicle and began firing questions at the two church brothers.

“We, of course, refused to let them search us,” recalls Southcott. “Finally, Dan handed over the sprite bottle that contained the last few shots of our precious home brew, which the cop poured out onto the ground. They took the opportunity to seize Dan’s bag. They rifled through it and pulled out his pipe, which was declared to be a hash pipe. We were then arrested for possession and searched. I had a bag of 13 grams of high quality smoke in my possession. The night went downhill from there, until finally many hours and a strip search later we were released on a promise to appear.”

Sweeney and Southcott will appear in court on December 8 to face one count of possession each. The pair asked to have their case delayed pending the results of the Church of the Universe challenge, but the judge denied them their request.

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