The Amsterdam Caf? closes

After three police raids, multiple charges related to selling paraphernalia and seeds, and ongoing harassment from their landlord (see CC#20, Amsterdam raided and CC#22, Busted up dates), The Amsterdam Caf? of Vancouver, BC closed its doors after the lease expired on October 31. Sita Windheim and Karen Watson, the store’s owners, have redirected their efforts elsewhere. They are staying in business however, opening a bed and breakfast to cater to those seeking the Vansterdam experience. Their marijuana seed business may continue under different management.
Between them, Windheim and Watson are facing eight counts from their first two raids of trafficking in seeds and selling illicit drug paraphernalia (462.2 of the criminal code). There are still no charges related to their most recent raid on July 29 of this year. The two business partners appeared in court November 2 to the 5.

“What remained was four counts of trafficking in seeds, one against the Amsterdam, one against Sita and two against me,” says Karen Watson.

Watson and Windheim have contested the seed trafficking charges, and will hear the judge’s decision on those matters by February, 2000.

? Karen Watson and Sita Windheim of The Amsterdam: (604) 728-5617; email [email protected]; web