Woody in Supreme Court

Woody Harrelson and his momWoody Harrelson and his momWoody Harrelson’s trial began on October 15, with the Kentucky Supreme Court hearing evidence into Harrelson’s symbolic public planting of four hemp seeds in June 1996.
At issue is whether the state law which prohibits marijuana is unconstitutionally broad in also prohibiting low-THC hemp. Two lower courts agreed the law was unconstitutional, so prosecutors have appealed the case to the state Supreme Court, hoping to keep the anti-hemp laws intact.

Harrelson’s lawyer, Charles Beal II, explained to the court that “based on the way the law is written today, there are certain copies of the Constitution that would be illegal if I possessed them.”

Harrelson’s mother was in court. Diane Harrelson, 62, wore hemp clothing, and explained to reporters that she is completing a master of science thesis at Antioch College, on using hemp for paper.Woody Harrelson and his mom