Pot Puzzlers

Before we get set for another wild crossword ride I must confess an error in last issue’s crossword. One little yellow square got lost somewhere between my office and the printer’s. So if you’re stuck with unscrambling the magic words, add a D to the yellow word. There you go, now it makes sense, doesn’t it? Knowing the immense mental fortitude of the pot-puzzle perusers, I’m sure most managed to deduce the solution despite the missing letter.
The solutions to issue #20’s puzzles are below. We got more entries than usual, so maybe our puzzles are getting too easy. The Grand Prize winner was Larry in Alberta, whose big bag of fun arrived without incident. Our two runner-ups were Jason in Winnipeg and Peter in Port Moody, BC. So it’s all Canadian winners this time, even though more than half the entries were from the US. Such is the luck of the draw.

Solve the clues to complete the grid, then unscramble the coloured squares to spell the Magic Word. Write it down on a piece of paper with your address and email or phone number, and send it to: CC Puzzles, Box 15, 199 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1H4. We also accept entries by fax to 604-669-9038, and by email to [email protected]. Only one entry per household please.

We’ll do a draw from all correct solutions received before March 6. The winner will receive a fat sack or a tube of fine genetics, your pick. Second and third prizes are a signed copy of CC issue number one, and some other fun stuff.



1) From the maker of Blueberry. (3)
4) To grow this, put soil in one. (3)
7) Pretentious gases (4)
9) Would vegans use a pipe made from this? (4)
10) Estate cops love to seize (4)
11) Good kind of mind (4)
12) Paired with burn for forest destruction (5)
15) How much space pot farmer needs. (5)
17) Fruit-child in Toronto airport? (7)
19) How some prefer their $100 bills. (5)
20) Policemen’s just get bigger and bigger. (7)
22) Mixed cares can frighten. (5)
24) Lacking in self confidence. (5)
27) Prohibition reveals America’s _____ side. (6)
28) What fish and dealers have. (6)
30) A Leo mixed becomes healing plant. (4)
31) Unit of snorted coke. (4)
32) How to arrange 31 across. (4)
33) For light users, an eighth may _____ months. (4)
34) Final word of every story. (3)
35) Drug Enforcement Squad (3)


1) Marijuana as _____ as the eye can see. (3)
2) What 26 down spreads. (4)
3) Fixation Freud thinks potheads have. (4)
4) He smokes dope religiously. (4)
5) There’s ten of these in one 6 down. (4)
6) There’s one of this for ten 5 down. (3)
8) Some think Vancouver’s pot-penalties are just a _____ on the wrist. (4)
9) There’s a smoker _____ every minute. (4)
13) It’s hard for a grower to feel ____. (6)
14) The more people grow, the _____ pot laws are to enforce. (6)
15) Everything you own. (6)
16) Ethiopian _____ Zion Church is a ganja religion. (4)
18) Put the fix in. (3)
20) What Dana does after he wakes. (5)
21) Sea of green plants are _____ but potent. (5)
22) Mixed loans build elegant living room. (5)
23) Pot rallies are best with a big _____. (5)
25) Tale of the Trojan War. (5)
26) A heavy, solid bud. (5)
27) Youth miseducation program. (4)
29) What Sun does at evening twilight. (4)

Issue #20 Solutions

Strain Search


Scrambled Strains:
Mix my eighth tusk
Mighty Mite x Kush

Wow, wide hit
White Widow

Stern light horn
Northern Lights

Sod upon brain
Durban Poison

Fax has ink gunk
Afghani x Skunk

Sting Pierre
Green Spirit

Help up Ezra
Purple Haze

With heroin
White Rhino

Solution phrase: