Cannabiz: 1999

Germany’s fourth annual Cannabusiness trade show, held in the fair hall of Hennef-Sieg near Cologne, was another massive celebration of the innovative, persistent and commercial spirit within cannabis culture.
For each of the past four years, between 120 and 175 merchants and innovators have exhibited their wares at Cannabusiness. About half of these are German, half international.

Unlike some other trade shows and exhibitions, Cannabusiness encompasses all ends of the cannabis spectrum. Cannabusiness successfully combines and embraces bong merchants, hemp farmers, fashion and grow technology. Sadly, seed breeders and dealers were excluded from the event after Germany banned pot seeds in 1998. (A few attended in 1998 under other pretexts. One company offered a cardboard game: get the five White Widow seeds into the holes, for 40DM. That guy got busted a few weeks before this year’s event.)

Yet this year’s Cannabusiness was also a retrenchment from previous shows, since there were fewer booths and less product innovation.

Germany’s new leader, Clinton-clone Schroeder, has decided to crack down on drugs (meaning potheads). Flourishing innovation requires a free market. Government repression leads to a furtive market with little innovation or choice. This show was truncated as the result of two years of repression. The seed booths were gone. There were few new cultivation products and more of the show was dedicated to pipes, bongs and other paraphernalia.

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all and there was much relaxed pot-smoking in and around the event hall.

Here are some products I thought of interest:

Germany’s Bullet bong merchant had by far the biggest booth, with many hundreds of bongs on display.

Water filters are used to make hash from waste leaf. The bags, which come in two sizes, have silk screens sewn into the bottom. Leaf is placed in the bag. The bag is placed in a container filled with cold water and the grass is agitated. An electric mixer can be used keep the grass moving.

The THC-bearing glands fall off the leaves’ surfaces and through one mesh. A second, finer mesh holds the glands. This unit helps you screen high quality hash. Available from Pollinator Co.

Tropf Blumat is a ceramic valve which opens and shuts based on the moisture of the surrounding soil, so the ground is kept at an even temperature.

These devices are available in North American gardening catalogs and in some garden shops.

The Hanfhaus hemp mattress uses several grades of hemp fiber fill and hemp cloth covering. It was quite comfortable.

Hanfhaus also produces hemp shoes and boots. The uppers and stitching are made from hemp.

? Email [email protected]; tel 41-30-616-7640 (Germany)

Spliff Machine uses pre-rolled papers that are placed in the form and then manually filled. Once filled, the end is twisted and the spliffs are ready to go. The mold must be tamped during filling or the papers will have uneven contents. Mountain High Products.

Ornamental Rolling Tips packages were offered by several manufacturers. This company had particularly nice designs.

Hemp Hoover is a manicuring machine. It is a refinement of machines that first appeared two years ago. An internal rotating blade spins and cuts any leaf that enters the cutting zone. A vacuum caries the cut leaves away. With training and large buds this is definitely faster than hand trimming. However, it may not have the precision.

? Email [email protected]; tel 31-50-501-8119

Vaportech is a vaporizer which uses a pyrex tube as a bowl. Grass or hash is added to the tube that is then placed in the base. The contents heat up and are drawn through a plastic tube that fits over the tube.

? tel 305-371-9380 (US)

Imports from Nepal were very popular. These bags and hats are from Funny Hemp.

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