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Plant of the Month(TM)
I read about your friend Homer Grown many years ago and decided to try my luck using his method. Since the timber companies are active on Vancouver Island not far from where I live, I decided to try growing at the edge of three and four year old cuts. I bought some adapted clones from a friend and planted 10 of them along a 200 foot zigzag line. I dug up the soil, put in some 14-14-14 3 month time release fertilizer and then planted the clone. I never watered since the soil is always moist. I took this picture late one night in mid-August. I harvested in mid-September. This very sativa plant yielded 6 1/2 ounces of sticky high grade medium tight bud with a pungent sweet smell. Excelente!!

Vancouver Island, BC

Bud of the Month(TM)

I picked this luscious beauty at the peak of perfection. It was a one-toke two-cough smoke.


Garden of the Month(TM)

I have been collecting stash seed for 3 1/2 years. I was very stoned one night and for the first time in my life decided to plant some of the seeds. I don?t know why I started, it was almost like the buds were telling me to plant the seeds.

Anyway, I soaked some of them in water that night. The next day I planted them in individual small containers and in four days 25 of the 30 seeds came up. I ran out and bought a 1000 watt HPS lamp. That was in April. A month later my girlfriend took a cutting of each and put them in water. She carried them into a dark closet for 14 hours of darkness a day. Wow! In a few days those babies started to grow flowers. She took a magnifying glass and played ganga doctor, discovered which of the clones were males and made me watch while she cut down the big males.

I replanted the females into 5 gallon containers. That was the second week in May. Then I gradually introduced them to the great outdoors by first placing them in the shade, and then partial shade. A week later they were in full sun.

I live in the country and my nearest neighbor is about a 10 minute walk away. My house is up a 1/4 mile driveway. So I just wasn?t worried about putting the plants out in my backyard.

This picture was taken in July, just as the plants were starting to flower. In September the weather started to change and most of the plants weren?t ripe. I cut down the two ripe plants and ripe buds off the others. I took the eight plants in the house, bought a second HPS lamp and ripened them in three weeks under 2000 watts of HPS light on for 11 hours a day.

Windham, Connecticut

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