Have a Smokin’ Solstice

The crew at CC wish you a very merry Cannabis Christmas!
We hope that you’re enjoying this holiday season, and that you’re enjoying a full pipe beside a warm fire, with friends, family and loved ones.

We also hope that you’re looking forward to the comig year as much as we are. We’ve got some exciting projects on the go which you’ll find out more about as they come closer, but more importantly the marijuana movement is going to see some fabulous victories in the coming years. We have the momentum and the force of history behind us, and we are going to see real changes, towards freeing marijuana and all other herbs on the face of the earth.

I hope you share our optimism and good spirits. And at this traditional time of giving please remember the many pro-pot organizations which could use your financial support.

Have a Cannabis Christmas, and let’s Overgrow the Government in the Marijuana Millennium!

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture