Tropical Grow Room

Hi Theremany thanks for your prompt reply. ok let me try and answer everything.
i have a large three bedroom house with two bathrooms.
i live with my wife son and daughter. my son is 22 daughter 27 and i am 58 would you believe it i’m having a hard time believing it myself.
i have grown on and off always outside for many years. have not been too successful due to rip offs,neighbors and all kinds of ridiculous things.
my son has been doing most of the growing over the past couple of years and about six months ago i told him that it would have to stop as it is too precarious.i told him that i would study up on how to grow indoors and set him up that is how i got into it.
i live in a tropical area with climatic conditions identical to hawaii so i at least have that in my favor and the sea is literally only 30 ft from my front door.
once studying the indoor methods i have gotten totaly hooked particularly as the net offers such a wealth of info and you get to meet neat people.
i have decided (as its the only logical place in the house) to build my grow area in the bathroom.its quite a large room but the nice thing is that even when you walk into the bathroom none of the installions are visible as it is all hidden behind the shower wall.for the past three months i have studied the grow situation very carefully and have decided to set it up as follows.
i will have two boxes which i have built myself from half inch plywood.the veg box is 2ft X 2ft X 3′ 6″ high.
i have 8 two ft long fluos each 18 watts which gives me
36 watts per sq flower box will be 3ft X 3ft X 6ft High. i have a 400W OSRAM HALODIUM (thats what the light is called have you heard of it?) it is a metal halide lamp but also takes HPS so i have purchased also the HPS bulb.unfortunately the lamp has the ballast included in the lamp so i am considering taking it apart and putting the ballast outside the box firstly to cut down the additional heat and also to cut down some of the weight as i will have it on some type of pulley my veg box is 2ft deep and will be flush with the front of the flower box this will give me a space of 3′ 6″ high and one ft deep to put all to put the ballast,light fisxtures and whatever else i will have that will have to be outside the grow areas.a friend of mine is presently visiting the U.S and is purchasing for me a dayton blower 265 cfm a johnson thermostat to work the blower and some digital timers.i also need to understand what typ of fan to install at the bottom for intake.i will also have an oscillating fan inside the box and maybe also a small computer fan to cool under the lamp.
i have just received five strains of seeds:
afgahni,shiva,hindu kush.northen lights and white widow.
i chose indica firstly because i prefer the weed but mostly because they are smaller plants given the size of my veg box etc.i was planning on doing to flower 8 to nine plants one per square foot.
i have no co2 planned for the moment due to availability where i live and also the cost.
i will not be able to vent outside however the the bathroom ceiling is very high and i was think that if i had sufficient odor control this should be ok but of course this is where i get stuck.
i have read a lot on ozone generators and for the moment though that i would give the home made greenmans generator plan a try. a friend has given me a 6000V neon transformer and the construction of the generator looks simple enough. however i have no idea where it should be located inside the box? if not how does one make the ozone effective.i am really stumped on this.
i will sign off for the moment as this is turning into a small book but it is at least the basics and i hope i have answred your questions sufficiently. i have poted messages from time to time on various boards and have gotten a lot of great info but i havnt been able to find anyone that i can corresspend with regularly to get the fine points down.i do appreciate any help or assistance you can offer i am really looking forward to getting all of this going.look forward to hearing from you mnay thanks again regards