Quebec Cannabis Cup

Growers, hempsters and other cannabis-people from Ontario and Quebec gathered in Montreal on Sunday for Canada’s first cannabis cup. 8 strains from Quebec and Ontario were entered and smoked by the 200 invite-only judges during the 10 hour event; other guests included the Bloc Pot, the Montreal Compassion Club, Cannabis Culture, and High Times Magazine.
The “bio” outdoor strains entered were Dark Star,
Querooster, Thai Experience, and Willow. The hydro strains were Free Tibet, Chemo #1, Deep Freeze, and Point Blank.

No BC strains were entered in this year’s event, but Marijuana Man from Marc Emery Direct Seeds represented the west coast with the winning entry in the joint rolling competition.

Cup organizer Alain of Hemp Quebec was pleased with the event. Commenting on the future of cannabis in Quebec, he said, “it’s coming.”

(expect more coverage on this event)