Pought Thots

Nimbin Pot Art
Dear Dana,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the August issue of CC, particularly the Nimbin piece. You were very well behaved and are welcome back to our little village at any time. You have a fine product in Cannabis Culture. Congratulations.

Let me correct you on one point however. Thank you for the accolade, but I am not Nimbin’s poet Laureate. That honour is given to David Hallet who is twice winner and currently world champion Poet Olympian held annually at the festival of poets.

I am the bloke with the expanded consciousness in the accompanying pot-art poster. I paint and operate a gallery in Nimbin. I usually organize the Pot Art entries during Mardi Grass, this year I was asked to host the Pot Poetry Breakfast Bash because it is known I also write, under the name S Maxnix.
Otherwise you paint a fairly accurate picture of Nimbin and remember we are only a small rural village with a strong herbal attraction to a huge pool of people in the more densely populated coastal strip.

Yours Tokin’,
Maxx Maxted,
Nimbin, Australia

Thanks for the correction Maxx. I had a blast in Nimbin, perhaps I’ll see you all again next May.

? Dana

The bigger picture

Just finished reading Reverend Damuzi’s article in this month’s Cannabis Culture, (CC#20, South American Holocaust).

This issue has solidified CC’s pre-eminence in relation to High Times and even other mainstream magazines. The issues covered are deeper, more intelligent, better researched, and just plain ballsy. I have long since given up on ever hearing or reading about such truths which have been so effectively locked out of our military industrial entertainment complex propaganda “news.”

Cannabis Culture appears to me to be breaking through the factionalized mentality of a highly specific interest group to address relevant but broadly related issues. Human rights in third world countries and emerging democracies are intimately related to the drugs laws in North America, and it is important that people understand the bigger picture.

Rev. Damuzi’s article on the situation in South America was a brazen look at what most Americans are too freaked out to even acknowledge.
As I read, I caught myself critiquing, thinking there were some holes in the article, (something I never do for High Times articles) but then I thought “what the hell are you complaining about? There’s nothing else out there like it!”

Excellent work Damuzi and CC! And please don’t ever sell the mag to Conrad Black.

Natural Mystic

Thanks for the compliments. I’m sure Damuzi is blushing with pride. We all do our best to cram as much good stuff as we can into each issue. It’s nice to be appreciated.

? Dana

Dope Fiends comic

Dear Sir,

Enclosed is my comic “Dope Fiends”, which I think would appeal to your customers. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read it and consider selling it in your shop. Comics are 80p Irish or $1.85 Canadian, including postage.
Thank you, and enjoy the comics.

Emmett Taylor
Ivy Shields, Ballagh, Bushypark, Galway, Ireland
[email protected]

Cool comic Emmett. 24 pages of stoned silliness. Sorry we don’t have a store anymore, but maybe some free advertising would help. If anyone’s interested in Checking out this reasonably priced little bundle of fun, Emmet can be mailed at the address above. (They seem to have strange mailing addresses in Ireland.)

? Dana

God and medical pot

I have an otherwise lethal medical condition for which only marijuana helps. When my doctors told me there were no other option but to try marijuana, I was very reluctant. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), I had always stayed away from harmful and illegal substances. So being advised by my physicians to try it was the beginning of a new journey.

I had already lost 50 pounds when marijuana was recommended. I didn’t go out and try it then, however. I spent two months and another 20 lbs talking to God about it. He told me to do as my doctors had recommended. I was more than a bit resistant, but finally decided to do as my Heavenly Father had said. My decision to use marijuana as the only possible medicine for an otherwise lethal condition was a religious decision, not a medical one.

Latter-day saints who are ill can ask for a blessing from one holding the priesthood for healing and guidance. I was given seven separate blessings by men who believe no one should use dangerous or illegal drugs. Each blessing was the same, different men each time. In each case, I was told to do as my doctors advised.

I had lost 70 lbs when I tried marijuana. I gained 26 lbs back within a month. My God is a loving God. He has placed a plant here for us to use that helps and heals a greater variety of medical conditions than any other medicine or drug in history and has never killed anyone in written history.

God made everything, including cannabis. He said every herb and plant has a good purpose and should be used. Cannabis, like all of God’s creations, is good. There can be nothing evil about it. Evil is found in the hearts of those who would deny us the gifts of God.

My savior, Jesus Christ lives, and so do I, physically, spiritually.