Dr Weil Backs Medical Pot

Dr Andrew Weil wrote a long article in the July issue of Self Healing, called “Why I support medical mairjuana”. In it, the influential naturopath wrote “It’s unbelievable to me that it is still illegal to use marijuana medically in this country. When I published a study in Science on the physiological and psychological effects on humans in 1968 while I was still a student at Harvard Medical School, I thought that medical use of the plant would be legalized within five years.”

Weil complained of “decades of obstruction” by the US Department of Health, and backed immediate change so “that physicians be able to prescribe marijuana to individual patients with debilitating or terminal conditions.”

Weil also explained how “many patients have told me that marijuana eased the discomforts of multiple sclerosis, cancer chemotherapy, migraine headaches, severe menstrual cramps, and fibromyalgia,” adding “I’m frustrated that as a physician I cannot write them prescriptions or refer them to a reliable source.”