Malmo Levine’s Bail Conditions Hearing

David Malmo-Levine, who was charged with marijuana offences in connection with running two marijuana-buyers’ clubs in Vancouver (see CC#8), has had his conditions of bail changed.

“I had my conditions of bail changed from ‘thou shalt not use’ to ‘thou shalt not possess,'” says Malmo-Levine. “I was asking for my conditions of release to not conflict with police discretionary powers. Police have the power to overlook simple possession in the absence of aggravating factors. So why should I be the only person in Vancouver facing jail time if I get caught with simple possession?”

In a more recent development this October, Malmo Levine’s probation officer refused him the freedom to travel Canada to promote his new issue of Potshots #15, “The Moral Evolution Issue!”.

Reach David Malmo Levine for questions, or to order a copy of Potshots 15 at the following number: (250) 442-5166.