Study Hard.

Well, I’m about to head off to the Stoltmann old growth wilderness preserve/logging camp, where friendly and furry Ewoks battle the evil, chainsaw wielding Stormtroopers of Interfor. Oh, of course it’s not just that simple, except for the solution: grow hemp for toilet paper instead of cutting down 1000-year old trees. Well, whatever. Who am I to question the wisdom of our experts in business and government?
I’ve just added some new forums, I hope they’re useful and enjoyable: “Medical Marijuana”, “Hemp Happenings”, and “Grow Rooms”. They should be pretty self-explanitory. Let me know what you think. I’m assuming by now you’ve checked out and fully explored the new forum. If you haven’t, do.

I was recently told that some people take interest in pictures of females from species other than cannabis. News to me! Anyway, beauties and buds seem to be of popular interest among our website demographic, so by now you should have noticed our new Budbabes feature on the top page. We’ll be featuring some nice photos of nice people with nice weed; you should be seeing a new set every week or so. If you think you know the next budbabe, send me a couple of photos. The best of the budbabes will be featured in upcoming issues of CC magazine.

I’ve also revamped the backissues page which was way out of date, so you can see all our selection of covers and brief contents there. One the mission statements of this website is to have all the CC backissues online. Currently we’ve got 11 issues, and I just scored a bunch of CDROMs from Gord over at the magazine office, so more issues should be on the way soon.

I’m sure there’s a few more things I should mention, but it’s time to head for the hills. Keep coming back to the website, that makes me happy. You might want to subscribe to CC magazine as well; that makes everyone else here happy too.