New Mexico Governor pro-decrim

New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has called the war on drugs “a miserable failure” and said he does not consider marijuana smokers criminals.
“All of us can make a list out of friends that we have that use drugs. Are our friends criminals for using drugs? Yes, they are today given the laws that we have,” said Johnson on June 30. “Should they be criminals? Are they criminals? For the most part, no they are not.”

Johnson, a Republican, was first elected governor in 1994, and has acknowledged using marijuana and occasionally cocaine during college.

“What I did was criminal,” said Johnson, “and yet those people that I knew that did the same, and those that still do it today, I don’t consider them criminals.”

Johnson was criticized by New Mexico’s Republican Senators, Judges and police, but said that e-mails were running 10 to 1 in support of some form of decriminalization.