Hempa-riled up!

The sweet smell of Canadian grown dehulled hemp seed wafting through the US hemp market has begun to stink as far as Richard Rose is concerned.
Rose is the hempfood king of Santa Rosa California, and he’s miffed with some of the marketing by certain Canadian hempseed sales agents. According to Rose, Canadian dehulled hempseed sales teams had the gall to sneak into the sovereign state of California, offering their virgin hempen produce directly to other cash ready customers, at prices considerably lower than Rose’s list price.

Richard Rose buys a lot of hempseed from Europe and Asia for his California hemp cheese factory. One Canadian hemp outfit singled out as a metaphoric %#@! in his opinion, which he is free to express, is Kenex. He feels they are inciting a trade war by selling their homegrown, home dehulled hemp seed to his customers “at dump rate prices, just slightly over the cost of production.”

Rose watched in horror as hemp meal prices crashed from $20US a pound to $5 after Kenex salespersons invaded his sunny latitude. Rose feels that Kenex is “forcing a commodification of hemp before standards are set in place.”

Rose would like to see a single Canadian Hemp Co-op get nailed together so that he can bargain with it. He certainly would not welcome annual waves of Canadian entrepreneur hemp bandits with green cards and cell phones cutting his throat every time he swallows.

Richard Rose, founding father of the Hemp Foods Association (HFA) is probably the most hempfood obsessed detail man in America today. Immaculately clean, meticulously prepared and terminally fresh organic seed is all he wants, and what he knows the shoppers of America will pay for.

Richard chuckles, “Kenex hemp meal is about 95% shell-hull free. I want 99% pure hempseed meal for Hempnut. Rip-offs will not be tolerated!”

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