Ed Rosenthal’s Bud of the Month

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Plant of the Month

These indoor plants were just two of 22 that were grown indoors in a four by five foot space, under a single 1000 watt HPS lamp. The buds were smelly, tight and potent. I started with some leftonver seeds a friend game me. I used bat guano and fish emulsion. I’m no longer buying.

Ranger Randy,
Chico, CA

Bud of the Month

This beautiful bouquet looks unripe, but the stigmas actually dry that color. These buds are great weed. A few tokes and my friends and I are very laid back. White Widow x acclimated Hawaiian. We grew over 2 lbs of this deadly hybrid using row covers. We started in July. The plants were ready August 1.

Burnaby, BC

Garden of the Month

I planted 16 mostly sativa hybrid females, because I love the high. they all drew 8-12 feet tall. I harvested only 5 1/2 lbs. in late October. The buds were loose but the high was still soaring. This year the plants seem more acclimatized.

Washington State