Paraphernalia challenge in Saskatchewan

Mike Spindloe of Vinyl Exchange in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, was in court with his lawyer Alan Young on June 11 to appeal a lower court decision finding him guilty of selling pipes and bongs at his music store.

Meanwhile, the crown is appealing the lower court?s landmark decision to order police to return pipes and bongs to Spindloe.

According to the lower court judge, it was not illegal for Spindloe to own the pipes and bongs, just to sell them.

As of this writing, Spindloe has still not heard the outcome of his June 11 appeal.

Spindloe is calling upon hemp stores across Canada to make donations to help with his appeal, which could have country-wide consequences.

“It is the first time a hemp store has ever appealed charges of selling pipes and bongs,” notes Spindloe.

* Mike Spindloe of Vinyl Exchange: (306) 244-7090