Pot Puzzlers

Welcome back to the Pot Puzzles Page! It took hash oil to make these puzzles, so it may take hash oil to solve them. Extract a vial and warm it up before you hit this cannabis crossword, since you’ll need all the help you can get. Once you’ve filled the grid, unscramble the coloured squares to form the magic phrase. Here’s a hint, this time it’s a strain of pot.
Send in the magic phrase with your name and address, and we’ll do a random draw of all correct solutions received before September 6, 1999. The winner will receive their heart’s desire: a fat sack of herbal love, a tube of fine genetics, or even a CC grab-bag if you prefer. Second and third prizes will receive CC memorabilia and other fun stuff.

Send your entries to: CC Puzzles, Box 15, 199 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1H4. We also accept entries by fax to (604) 669-9038, by email to [email protected]. Attaching fine hashish to your entry will not improve your chances of winning but it will impress the judges. Only one entry per household.

The solution to the issue #17 crossword is presented below. The mystery phrase was Grow Your Own Stone. Despite an editing error in the clue for 42 across (which should have read “astrological lion”) we received our usual number of entries, and only a few complaints. Maybe our puzzles are getting too easy.

The lucky and talented Grand Prize winner was Kevin in Saskatchewan, who requested and received a few tubes of quality genetics. Our runners-up were Todd in Ontario and Lynne in BC, who are both enjoying their CC memorabilia. Congratulations to all.

Our secret stash of cannabis crosswords and pot-puzzles is about to see the light of day. Delayed by police raids and the perils of publishing, the Cannabis Culture Pot Puzzle Fun Book will be hitting the stands this summer, published by Quick Trading Press. If you like the CC puzzle page, you’ll love the Pot Puzzle Fun Book!

Puzzle generated by Keith Hentschel. Clues by Dana Larsen.Puzzle generated by Keith Hentschel. Clues by Dana Larsen.ACROSS

1. Courtroom railing.
4. Hoffman’s problem child.
7. Do this to your leaf, on a screen to make keef.
10. How customs wants you for strip-search.
11. POW package.
12. Kind of like rent.
14. Non-Rasta haircut.
15. They fought the Allies.
16. Mixed up cadet performed on stage.
17. von Munchausen, for one.
19. Hindu strain.
21. Light bulb grows thoughts in mind.
23. THC is _____ in fat cells.
27. Earthworm excrement.
30. All great navies used hemp for __(30)___ and __(35)___.
33. Finding yourself can mean losing this.
34. South African plants with juicy leaves.
35. See 30 Across.
36. Backwards french xmas.
37. 80’s Prez who rejuvinated US drug war.
38. Competent to accomplish.
39. Otherwise.
40. We didn’t learn our _____ from alcohol prohibition.
43. Short unknown author.
46. Pot stops wasting from this.
48. Creeps along borders.
51. Magical way to make words.
54. Assistant.
57. Stub toe or drop acid?
59. A vapourizer _____ your buds.
60. Prepare bong.
61. They hold up your hemp pants.
62. There’s no smoke when you _____ pot.
63. Where it ceases to exist.
64. Assent, consent, agreement.

CC#17 crossword solution.CC#17 crossword solution.DOWN

1. Fishhooks have one.
2. Length x width.
3. A word contributors fear from Dana.
4. Slack security at Los Angeles airport.
5. Indian title of respect.
6. Table for writing and rolling.
7. A kind of fink.
8. Some people think it’s the same as abuse.
9. Multinational pharmaceuticals are in _____ with the UN.
10. Back-cover seed company.
11. Lick this toad for visions.
12. Final.
13. Cannabis, annabis, abis, bis, bis, bis?
18. What can happen if you mix alcohol and heroin.
20. Cannabis has 50,000 of these.
22. Banj is an ancient _____ic hashish.
24. What fisherman and projectionist have in common.
25. Too many of these can also spoil the pot.
26. What’s done is _____.
27. Dr Jung to you.
28. Another dose of 34 Across.
29. Daughters’ brothers.
31. Hemp seed _____ is best cold-pressed.
32. Kind of bargain made in court.
35. What the desert is made of.
36. With Rips, you can roll _____ joints.
41. Addictive white crystal.
42. Extracted resins in mixed silo.
44. Uptight puritans _____ to smoke a phatty.
45. Do backwards.
47. Discount prices.
49. Great lake.
50. How she drinks hot mushroom tea.
51. He’s mixed-up her pronoun.
52. Seed disturbs sleepy Princess.
53. What smoking pot helps the nauseous do.
55. Free electron.
56. What seed called male plant.
58. Postscript.

CC#17 crossword solution.While you’re checking out the solution to CC#17’s puzzle, why not challenge yourself to further feats of weed-wordsmithy? Write us a cannabis limerick ? pen five pithy and amusing lines about some aspect of marijuana, hemp or Cannabis Culture. We’ll print a selection in issue #21, and the one judged the best (by me and a select group of fiendishly clever limerexperts) will receive a prize of stash or seeds, as specified on your entry. Any runner-up entries that we print will be rewarded with fun stuff from the CC vaults.

To get you started, to remind you what a limerick is, and to give you an idea of what we’re looking for, here’s a selection of limericks created by your humble editor. Surely you can surpass these meager poetic offerings?

? DL

Pot seeds are quite yummy to eat
For nutrition they cannot be beat
Their oil’s at its best
When its been cold-pressed
But is ruined if you expose it to heat!

I got busted last week with my stash
The cops took it and gave me a bash!
I couldn’t make bail
So now I’m in jail,
Where I’m doing quite well, selling hash!

Cannabis is so very green,
It’s the prettiest plant that I’ve seen
Its beautiful flowers
Have amazing powers,
Yet some people think they’re obscene.