Pought Thots

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Kind words

Dear Cannabis Culture,

I just read your magazine for the first time and wanted to say thanks for delivering a great product. I really draw hope and enjoyment from reading every last morsel on the pages and especially appreciate the excellent photos and intelligent articles.

For so long I have struggled to find within me a place where I could stand firm in my desires to smoke herb and not feel intimidated and beaten down by closed perceptions of others. It took well presented, sensible information offered by publications like yours to give me a sense of confidence about smoking herb, and also a feeling of connection to a culture (a Cannabis Culture!) of people who centre their lives around different ideals and principles of freedom.

I thank you for your courage and principle ? for being a beacon of hope to people, as well as a source of great information and brain nutrition. Here’s a gift to you to enjoy. I just wrote it ten minutes ago:

The herb is the flower I smoke, I sat down for a couple of tokes, and an insight arose from my head to my toes, but I lost it as soon as I spoke!

Thanks again for being intelligent and courageous. I know many people are inspired by your work.

Much love,
Delaware, USA

I’m always glad to hear from new readers who get some value and hope from our magazine. Thanks for the kind words.

Amazingly enough, I received this letter and limerick just after having decided to run a limerick competition and composing a few myself. So we’re on the same wavelength Christian, and you’ve become the first official entrant to the limerick competition on the Puzzle Page.

? DL

Blast from the past

Good day to CC,

I must say I love your magazine. It’s very professionally done with excellent photos, articles and information. I find myself waiting patiently for the next issue, wishing that it was monthly. But understandably it isn’t.

Regarding your query about Harvest magazine (CC#17, Bricks from the Wall). Harvest was “Canada’s up-front Head Magazine” and started from a newsletter called “Prairie Weed”.

For the time (20 years ago) it was very informative with interesting articles and photos, (though not nearly as mouth-watering as those in CC!). But looking back twenty years, fuck-all has been changed. (Well, hemp is allowed and very controlled.)

I hope you enjoy the blast from the past about cannabis in Canada. Thanks for the excellent magazine and keep up the fight for what’s right.

Edmonton, Alberta

A bit disappointed

Hey Dana,

I was a bit disappointed with the special seed issue. I guess I was hoping for a bit more detail, like more info on seed breeding, some kind of review of the more popular seed varieties, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but I was hoping for more in-depth info. Oh well, maybe next time.

Also, I want to beg you guys not to overly Americanize the mag. I realize that you have to appeal to a broader market to keep the mag going, but the main reason I started buying CC instead of HT was because of its Canadian slant, both in the content of the articles and the way they were communicated. Anyway, I guess I just want you to keep it as Canadian as possible (Though I do like the new section with Ed).

Sorry for all the bitching. Overall you guys are doing a fantastic job. I buy your mag every month, and will continue to do so.

Charlottetown, PEI

It’s refreshing to get a letter with some bite to it, too much overwhelming praise can go to one’s head.

Although we do include more American news than we did back when we were Cannabis Canada, we’re still giving full coverage of the Canadian scene. I strive to cover all of the major pot-news from around the world, with a focus on those regions at the cutting edge of marijuana culture and law reform.

? DL

Homegrown rules

What does decriminalization mean to you? Some people are afraid that it means pot-heads will be puffing their herb everywhere, blowing smoke at unsuspecting straight citizens.

Let’s be serious. We have to have regulations and laws that work in order for anything to succeed.

Homebrew is a legal product. Homegrown should follow similar laws. You can brew beer at home or in a brewhouse, but homebrew can only be consumed at home. If you leave your property or sell your homebrew you can be charged. The laws could be adapted to include homegrown but still give us back our basic freedoms.

It is time to stop making cannabis criminals of us and our children.

Ron McInnes A Canadian Cannabis Criminal The Pot Shop PO Box 495, Washago, Ontario, L0C 2B0

Strain location

Hi Dana,

Let me start by saying I love the magazine. I’m only on my third issue, but I look forward to many more. I recently got back into weed, and with the help of you guys and HT, I have developed a keen interest in this beautiful plant. The only problem is, every time I try to find the weed described in your magazine (ie. NL, the skunks, etc.), I get a “huh?” Or I’ll get “it’s just weed, man.” Any ideas?

Hoping for help,
Windsor, Ontario

When I started smoking pot in high school, I thought that “skunk” was just a code-word for marijuana. Every pot that I saw was called skunkweed, whether it was good, bad or indifferent. I didn’t realize that skunk was actually just one strain out of many until years later.

The identification and naming of strains is really most important to the breeder, who needs to keep track of what he’s growing, and to market his bud or seed.

Unless the people you buy from are the growers themselves, they probably have little interest in the name of the pot they carry. They’re just middlemen who sell nice buds for profit. Some might be aware enough to know the name of their strains, a few might have multiple varieties on hand, none will approach the vast array of genetic variation available in the first eight pages of this magazine.

The moral of the story is simply this: if you want to know exactly what you’re smoking, grow it yourself.

Know also that although the genetic heritage of your seed is very important, so is the care with which it is grown. The finest seeds will produce lame buds if grown neglectfully, while enough TLC will eke out some kind buds from the most pathetic plant. So name brand is not the most important thing. And of course, when you get right down to it, it is all just weed… man.