Ed Rosenthal’s Feature Buds

Last year I was able to get a medical marijuana recommendation from my doctor. This allows me to possess, use and cultivate marijuana as far as the state is concerned. The feds can still nab me however.
I decided to grow instead of buying. I found the perfect place. Two rooms were connected by two hallways. I closed the doors to one of the walkways, and voila, an instant closet. I covered the walls with white plastic, hung two 600 watt high pressure sodium lights and put 20 containers in my 4 x 5 garden.

I bought clones from the local medical buyers club. They were J1s, J2s Jerry 23s Hammerhead 23 and Jerry 27. The J1 and J2 have won local contests.

The J2s were totally ready in 63 days. The rest were ready in 70.

San Leandro, CA


I transplanted my clones into 12? containers using one of two growing mixes I bought from the local garden shop. The plants started growing immediately and I pruned them, four branches per plant.

This is the Jerry 27. The four branches of this plant each held more than a foot of buds. It has big buds with big calyxes.


Jerry 27 again. This bud is filled with glands which are sticky and smelly. One of those smokes that expands in your lungs. I make sure to take tiny hits since it hurts when I cough.


The 3 varieties grew around 5 feet tall and produced 25 ounces of prime bud.

I kept trimming the bottom branches to sell as cuttings to a local clone operation short of stock. These paid for my set-up before I harvested my first buds. Each branch was staked using 6 supports.