Oregon World Hemp Festival a success

Smokin, toking, eating herb, joking, dancing, activating, romancing, camping, twirling, bodypainting, bodybumping, bong-hitting, networking, never quitting, thousands of beautiful bods and buds, no police telling people they were wrong, jammin’ till the break of dawn…

There’s a concise description of the World Hemp Festival (WHF), which happened the weekend of July 17 in Coburg, Oregon.

Cannabis Culture was the main sponsor of this super-successful event, which was blessed by cool weather, sunshine, no overt police harassment, great bands, a glass pipe competition, a hemp fashion show, and speeches by Jack Herer and CC’s own Pete Brady, who got a huge round of applause when he mentioned our beloved publisher Marc Emery, the Canadian seed man with a righteous plan to overgrow the government.

Barenaked ladies and guys helped enliven the laid-back event that took place on spacious agricultural land ten miles north of Eugene, Oregon. The event had a celebratory air, as hemp activists from throughout the Northwest celebrated medical marijuana victories in Washington, Alaska, Arizona and Oregon during last year’s elections.

Festival promoter and cannabis activist Bill Conde, who owns the land on which WHF is held, said he was happy he wasn’t arrested for sponsoring the event. Local police and a handful of rabid, self-proclaimed “Christian” anti-pot activists have made life hell for Conde, who was arrested on trumped up marijuana charges shortly after a pot festival held last year.

Vivian McPeak, sponsor of the August 23 Seattle Hempfest commented that, “This is a great vibe; everybody is peaceful, the bands are rocking, it’s a great blend of people. We’ve got so many powerful activists here- Jack, Voter Power, and a bunch of others- and people are getting educated. I want everybody to come to Seattle on August 22, and we’ll keep showing the world what cannabis people and activism are all about.”

The Oregon event had enough excitement, information, sex, eye candy and cannabis action to last a lifetime, and you can experience it all by reading issue #21 of Cannabis Culture magazine. You’ll see luscious buds photographed at the WHF by our budacious Barge, the world’s dankest bud cameraman, and luscious partiers too.

So for now check out our online photos of the WHF, and later you will read all about the fun, the people, and the action behind the scenes, as cops and fanatics tried to pressure Conde into killing the event in its cradle. You’ll also find out about Jack Herer’s latest contribution to the inhalation nation.