Tarzan forced out

Mike Ethier, a Reverend of the Church of the Universe, has been financially devastated by two police raids on his business, “Tarzan’s Hemp Store,” which was located in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. During the first raid, police illegally seized Cannabis Culture magazine and other marijuana literature in direct violation of a 1994 Ontario Supreme Court Ruling. After losing over ten thousand dollars in merchandise, Ethier was forced from his store on April 15 because he couldn’t make the rent.
“Financially, I am ruined,” writes Ethier. “Inside, God has given me the strength to keep on pursuing my mission (with the help of the sacred herb).”

Mike Ethier Joanne Sauve and his brother, Luc will be in court on June 3 to set a date to face charges in connection with the two raids. Ethier is going ahead with plans for his second annual Cannabis Festival in West Nipissing, July 1 to 4 (contact him at his new number, below). Ethier also plans to reopen his store at another location.

? Mike Ethier of Tarzan’s Hemp: 705 753-4756; email [email protected]; web www.angelfire.com/hi2/tarzan