Hemp BC’s judicial review

Sister Icee: are Hemp BC`s days numbered?Sister Icee: are Hemp BC`s days numbered?On May 17 and 18, Supreme Court Judge Thomas Melnick heard Hemp BC’s application for a “judicial review” of the highly biased Vancouver City Council hearings, which resulted in Hemp BC being denied a business licence. Hemp BC’s owner, Sister Icee, wishes unhopefully for a favourable ruling from the Supreme Court.
“I guess they’ve won,” says Icee. “I think our days are numbered, but I will not close Hemp BC until a judge orders me to.”

Should Icee be forced to close the doors of Hemp BC, she vowes to continue to fight for full legalization of the merry herb and all of the implements used to enjoy it.

“If we don’t get the judicial review, the city’s injunction to close Hemp BC would issue automatically.” says Icee. “We are prepared to apply to city hall for a new business license for our new store.”

Icee has moved Hemp BC next door, into the space once occupied by the Cannabis Cafe. Insiders speculate that the Cannabis Cafe might reopen in the basement of the newly redecorated store. The judge’s decision is expected sometime in the first week of June.Sister Icee: are Hemp BC`s days numbered?

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