Synthetic cannabinoid patented

The synthetic THC derivative dexanabinol has been officially patented for use by Pharmos Corporation, which received their notice from the US Patent Office on March 23.
Ongoing research has shown dexanabinol to be effective in protecting brain cells against the damaging effects of head injury, strokes, and even nerve gas. The “neuroprotective” effects of dexanabinol are also considered a promising means of preventing the brain degeneration caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

Dexanabinol’s creator is Professor Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who discovered THC in 1964, and has been studying cannabis for almost forty years. THC is known to possess many of the same healing and protective properties of dexanabinol, but is shunned as a medicine because of its psychoactive effects.