CIA sued for LSD

The CIA is being sued by the estate of a man who claimed that the CIA dosed him with powerful psychedelic drugs in 1952 at a Paris cafe.
Stanley Glickman, who died in 1992, claimed that he had been dosed with LSD or another hallucinogen by CIA doctor Sidney Gottleib, who died in March of this year.

Glickman suffered repeated hallucinations after the incident, and spent time in hospitals, including treatment with electroshock therapy. Glickman did not suspect he had been dosed until 1977, when he saw congressional hearings about the CIA’s LSD program and recognized Gottleib from the cafe, including his club foot.

The CIA admits that the agency ran an LSD research program in the early 50’s, and that a major component of that research involved dosing unsuspecting people with LSD. However, the agency denies that they specifically dosed Glickman, claiming instead that he suffers from natural schizophrenia.