Centrespread: Y2K survival kit

As the clocks count down to Y2K and the doomsayers gird their loins for The Big One, we at CC kindly suggest that you prepare for the new millennium by stocking up on seeds, buds, and a few good grow books.
When the lights go out your indoor growroom won’t be much use, and clones could die before you find suitable outdoor spots. But seeds will hold out well until the springtime, and seasons beyond! Make sure you have adequate diversity to breed back lost varieties. As for bud, we recommend a minimum stockpile of four months’ supply, or about 1 pound per person. Extra herb is always advisable, for both bartering purposes and personal morale.

Worldwide police and military forces are cancelling holidays and calling in reserves in their preparation for widespread chaos on January 1 and thereafter. Or perhaps this is merely another excuse to tighten the screws and prepare us for yet more policing intervention in our daily lives. Either way, it’s probably best to batten down the hatches and be well stocked. Aside from seeds and nugs, a supply of drinking water and some yummy canned goods is also a good idea.

Be aware and take care. With persistence and a little luck, we can make 2000 the start of a Worldwide Marijuana Millennium!