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Romulan budRomulan budRomulan-Federation Seed Co
This is the dank that everyone is talking about! Romulan is instantly recognizable by its sharp, bittersweet aroma and its heavily resinated dense appearance.

Romulan has a reputation in Vancouver that goes back a few years to when Romulan Joe used to come down to Hemp BC and lay waste to the locals. He was the only one that had the exotic, elusive space-fruit, and Joe wasn’t going to share the secret recipe with anybody? unless you had a large wad of cash, that is.

These days anybody can travel through Romulan airspace for about what you would pay for a quarter ounce of street schwag. The bud that prompted me to include Romulan in the file was a seedling grown in soilless mix by the Federation Seed Co boys themselves (you guys are great farmers, by the way). The bud was cured well and looked like it had been dipped in powdered sugar. If I had to describe it in seven words they would have to be “resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.”


* Killin’ Garberville ? The original KGB!
Romulan bud

* Superkush ? Try it, you’ll see…
Romulan bud

Romulan bud