Vansterdam scene

* Sister Icee and the hempsters will be back for an encore performance at city hall on January 26. You can expect just about anything from Vancouver City Council in their vendetta against Hemp BC and the Cannabis Cafe. From drunk council members to undercover cops lying through their teeth, this circus will have it all! Coming soon to a Supreme Court near you! For more details call Hemp BC at 681-4620.
* Hey, has anybody ever heard of Harvest ? Canada’s up-front head magazine? The first issue came out in September of ’79. What a cool mag! Bud shots, pot prices, narc photos, comics and much more. It’s all Canadian too! Being in Alberta twenty years ago, I would have to say these guys really had their shit together.


* To the Cannabis Cafe for trying to respect the privacy of its patrons by becoming a member’s-only club.

* To Eaton’s for selling hemp necklaces with a marijuana leaf on it.

* To Jorge Cervantes for honouring me with an invitation to do a grow seminar in Amsterdam at the Cannabis Cup. Thanks Jorge!