Cop shots

After a group of armed men kicked my door down and put guns to my head, I began studying the psychological and ethical profiles of the “gun-and-badge gang”, otherwise known as police.
Awaiting trial for marijuana cultivation in the United States, I read studies that showed police officers in general tend to lack self-esteem, have an inordinate need for control over others, suffer from disproportionately high levels of anger, depression, alcoholism, and suicide, and have a tendency toward domestic violence and divorce. Further, police tend to be relatively undereducated and are almost always politically conservative ? the perfect gang to carry out the wishes of the wealthy elites who own our countries.

That’s why I was more than a little frightened when a person recently walked up to me on the street and handed me a packet of photos marked “Police Evidence.” I thought I was being set up; the person claimed he knew I was a “marijuana journalist” who could get the photos published and expose what appeared to be “narcs in the photos.”

Spooked, I took the envelope and ran away. When I got home, I saw that the envelope indeed contained photos: a stunning record of marijuana grow operations, busts, and “illicit” drug money. In some of the photos, non-uniformed officers appeared, glowering with pride inside beautiful grow rooms. In others, huge cannabis trees were shown, growing in the ground inside greenhouses.

I realize that society needs police to protect us from violent and dishonest people, and that more and more police are conscientious drug war objectors who refuse to bust people for marijuana. But I also believe that police who volunteer for anti-marijuana units suffer from more “sickness of the soul” than their colleagues.

As you look at these photos, contemplate what kind of people enjoy harming medicinal plants and cultivators. Consider the destroyed medicine, the wasted money, the horrors of arrest and incarceration. I hope that police officers realize that busting us for pot cannot be justified as “just following orders.” That excuse ? used by Hitler’s Nazi police and every other stormtrooper death squad goon in history ? didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now.