Ed Rosenthal’s feature buds

Feature Bud
I am a Sweet Skunk growing here in the Swiss Alps. All the humans say I smell so sweet. They also say that I am resinating and that my glands look like they?ll burst. Life is good for us gals in the garden. But we are all disappointed because we never got touched by any of that luscious pollen. We don’t know what will become of us. We should have been seeded by now and we?re just ripening.

As told to Andre by Suzie Sweet Skunk,
Zurich, Switzerland

Feature Garden

This is my garden of Afghani-Kush plants. I bred two lines of Kush and one Afghani line for six crops, and then developed this hybrid which I have been cloning. Each plant weighs between one and two ounces, with a 1.5 lb yield per 1000 watt lamp.

Euphrata, Washington

Feature Plant

I was walking in the woods early in June when I came upon an area that was clear-cut several years ago. The bushy regrowth looked like a good place to grow, so I borrowed a tray of clones from a friend and planted them individually throughout the area. Most of the plants did well but this was one of the best ones. It yielded 4 ounces two weeks after this photo.

Nanaimo, British Colombia