Cannabis Crossword

`God Made Pot``God Made Pot`Here we go again, steadfast puzzle-stumpers, with some prizes to award, a solution to reveal, and another Cannabis Conundrum Crossword to introduce.
The solution to issue 13’s secret-sacred message was “God Made Pot”, which, as one entrant put it, “is true if you’re into that sort of thing.” Whatever powers govern random draws didn’t favour that poor fellow, but we did pick three lucky winners from our 72 entrants.

Our third and second prize winners are HT in Ontario, and SD in New Jersey. I hope both enjoy their cool CC hats, stickers, and other fun stuff. Our Grand Prize was taken by LJ in Sherman Oaks, California. This is the first time that an American has taken our Grand Prize, and LJ was gung-ho on us sending him the BC kind. So we hope we sealed it well enough Sherman, and that it’s you enjoying the sweet scent of victory, and not some fat customs poop-searcher smoking your buds in a seized pipe.

We don’t make these puzzles easy, dear reader, since only the most illuminated of readers is eligible for the oh-so-stinky Grand Prize. I recommend a thick chunk of hash and many hot knives before you mull and brood over this issue’s esoteric and enigmatic brain-teaser.

Solve the clues, then unscramble the letters in the coloured squares to make the magic phrase. Write it down on a piece of paper with your name and address, and send it to the address below. We’ll do a random draw of all entries received before December 15, and the winner will receive a fine head-stash of BC wunder-kind. Second and third prize winners will receive cool CC gear and some other fun stuff. (If you’d prefer something non-herbal as your grand prize please specify on your entry.)


`God Made Pot`ACROSS

1) Mixed up deal gets you shot
5) Mr Leary to you
8) Shucks, I’m glad marijuana doesn’t bud in these
12) Part of faerie sounds spooky
13) What you did with the munchie
14) “O” turns beery beverage into sappy salve
15) Buds come from these grown-up cannabis plants
16) Take a trip with Sidney
17) Not different
18) Tahini password
20) What the morning sun and rebellious hempsters have done
22) Say ___ to drugs
23) What to do when busted
24) Roll downhill to the shore
27) Where THC has the most effect
31) It might sound like it, but you won’t make money hiding your stash in this vase.
32) The deer at the grow site were a little fishy
33) Spanish Pete makes last half of hallucinogenic cactus
36) More than a fashion, hemp is a ___
38) What you do after getting a front
40) Giant’s word or government tax
41) Up from the soil in season past
44) Highest spirits
48) Red ___, buds with flair
49) Acquire, in forgetfullness
51) Super-high event makes up in retrospect
52) End fuel and begin seed to make another way
53) Consumed brownies with mixed tea
54) Too much of this when building a grow room and you’re gambling with your house
55) Can be dirty either way around
56) Hung too long, grass can be a bad joke
57) made picture without camera


1) Spider mites have six
2) Sounds like a freaky lake
3) CO2 and oxygen can be pretentious
4) These add months to a court case
5) Pigs’ curly ___ put hempsters in jails
6) It is a contraction
7) Cannabis Cup award
8) Better than easy
9) Regretfully, all ass stuck together without ends
10) Ancient empire capital
11) Don’t be ___ at the scene
19) If you ___ your dealer, you likely scored
21) A bone you don’t smoke, a painful little joke
24) The Cannabis ___ happens every year in Amsterdam
25) O with regards, unrefined minerals
26) Joiner of “smoke” and “be happy”
28) State of being for you
29) Particle prevents suspicious smells
30) Backwards smoking room makes man’s name
34) What lion did
35) Possess
36) Dime-bag cost
37) Admiration for friend, sounds like it’s about his job in prison
39) Encouraged white-fly babes
40) These essential acids won’t get you stoned
41) What a dog does in Spring could be a good place to grow
42) Light ale
43) A flower’s glory opens at the sun’s ___
45) Always the end of a thiever
46) Put Rome’s 50 before 1 to get solitude
47) Weather condition, slang for blow
50) Rat’s squeak in a pig’s ___



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