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`Thai Guy`s` Christmas tree bud.`Thai Guy`s` Christmas tree bud.We welcome your comments and opinions on our articles, or pot thoughts of any nature.
A very nice letter

Dear Dana, Marc & the Crew,

I’d like to start by saying I’ve only once ever written to someone I don’t personally know in thirty odd years. I’m doing so now because I’m truly impressed!

It’s difficult to get specific with so much to rave about. Your dedication, intelligence, hard work and bravery are not going unappreciated. I just had to let you know that.

Please continue on as you’ve been doing with the assurance that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jah bless you all,

The above letter came with a beautiful photo of Jenn and her baby Jem, who “arrived at home with the midwives” on January 21. Jenn didn’t want us to print her photo, but it sits on my computer along with other photos of my family and friends, to remind me that I belong to a larger family, and that this magazine touches many people whom I will never meet.

Thanks for your letter. Writing and creating a magazine is often a lonely task, and we enjoy the personal touch.
? DL

Air up your butt?

Dear Dana Larsen,

I read in the National Enquirer last summer how kids in Japan use tire pumps at service stations to shoot air up their butts and get high. Many young teenagers die every year as a result of this bizarre practice. According to the Enquirer, one young fellow got so high he exploded, showering the service station with bodily chunks.

Then I saw your magazine on the stand, promoting drug use. I was none too pleased. While the dangers of getting high are constantly being extolled in the tabloids and the press, you are telling people to go out and indulge in these dangerous habits. I would not be surprised if one day you and your entire staff exploded from all the hot air that you are obviously full of.

DL, Washington.

Cannabis Culture Magazine does not promote the shooting of air up anyone’s butt, nor do we condone the reading of the National Enquirer.
? DL

Warning: Alien beings spotted at the Grasstown rally.Warning: Alien beings spotted at the Grasstown rally.Legal system support

Dear Mr Emery,

Having worked for the BC legal system for 7 years, I have witnessed too many instances where petty pot possession charges create a bottleneck effect in the courts, allowing the police to undermine more valid public concerns, thereby manufacturing delusional public suspicion and cynicism towards advocates of what clearly is the most efficient plant on this planet.

Words fail me in expressing my sorrow for the puritanical behavior of existing legal forces causing your recent incarceration. I will continue to support your cause & business and, more insidiously, those who may be affected by my role within the system itself.

This latest attack upon yourself will only make me more determined to patronize your business more in every way.
I wish you the best of luck in falling the morally corrupt giant that is holding all rational progress back.

With limitless respect,

We appreciate the moral support, but more importantly, we appreciate your patronage and financial support. These raids and seizures affect all of us very personally, and without your cash flow and financial support none of this could continue.

I’d also like to take this moment to thank the many contributors to CC who often wait weeks or even months to get paid for their excellent contributions to our magazine. We have always paid our debts so far, but we are not always able to pay these talented people when they deserve to be paid.

Although we make plenty of personal and financial sacrifices to keep this magazine going, our contributors do as well, and I wanted to publicly recognize that. This magazine is a team effort, and we all pull together to bring CC to newsstands each two months. The final ingredient is you, the readers, and more importantly subscribers. Keep on buying our magazine and sending us subscriptions, and we’ll legalize marijuana, believe it.
? DL

Don’t copy High Times

Hi there.

I’ve been reading your guys magazine for about a year now and love it! I also read your US counterpart High Times.

I was just reading about the name change to Cannabis Culture. Although it sounds like an excellent idea marketing-wise, please try and keep away from the “pot hype” image that High Times has created for itself. I just don’t want to see the boring crap that High Times has.

The music sections in High Times are the articles I going flying right by. It seems that when High Times gets to that part they forget all about pot, and hype up some musicians that, to me, have nothing to do with marijuana. It’s almost like “And here’s a word from our sponsors.”

I just love your guys’ magazine (other than the fact that Ed Rosenthal isn’t involved), and don’t want commercialism to destroy the content. Or, I could be wrong.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.


I don’t think the key for CC’s success is to copy High Times, and I added the music section only because a skilled music writer convinced me our magazine should cover pot-music. I agreed, and so we now have a 2-page music section.

Creating an issue of CC is a juggling act, where I try to cover as much of the “essential news” as I can, while still leaving space for the “fun” stuff like grow tips and bud shots and such. I must also juggle things that I think we should print with things that my readers tell me they want to read.
? DL

Herbs by DandyLion Services.Herbs by DandyLion Services.A proud Canadian

I’m just writing to say that I’m sad to see the word “Canada” leave the cover of ?our’ magazine. I was somewhat proud, and I’m not a big hemp activist either. I’d hate to think that it wasn’t only internal influence in your organization to remove “Canada” from the cover. I really hope it’s just a marketing strategy.

It’s not just a marketing strategy, it’s an evolution of our magazine in both focus and content. Although we will always bring the latest news and events from Canada, we don’t want to limit ourselves solely to Canadian stories and readers. We want to cover the most exciting cannabis news wherever it’s happening, and deliver it to readers all around the world.

Cannabis Culture crosses all borders, and is far larger than any single nation. There are more pot smokers in the world today than any other single ethnic or religious group. I’d like all of them to enjoy reading our magazine, wouldn’t you?
? DL

A cross-border warning

It began as our trip across the country from BC to Ontario. After a short stay in Calgary where I gave away my Island Bud, we headed South, eager to save valuable travelling time. The Alberta/Montana border proved to be a problem. Having BC plates made us prime candidates for being pulled over, detained and searched. After five long hours I was arrested for having 0.1 gram of shake marijuana mixed with tobacco and beach-sand at the bottom of my purse.

I was charged, cuffed and taken to Shelby, Montana for fingerprints and mugshots. My friend waited for 3 hours at the immigration booth, beneath a photo of Bill Clinton (oh yes, he didn’t inhale), and witnessed 2 men enter the states with 5 guns, receiving no hassle at all. It would appear that my milligram of pot was more of a threat to society.

Eight hours after the fact we were deported from the US. Although the charges were eventually dropped, this detour proved to be an expensive and stressful one that will cause problems for me if ever I try to cross the border again.

So a warning to all making the drive from Alberta to Montana ? when you approach the border and realize you are in “Sweetgrass” Montana, don’t laugh! It’s not a funny place and when they say they have Zero Tolerance, they really aren’t kidding.


Your warning is well-advised, fellow traveller. I know what it’s like to be banned from the States, as do many, many other people in Canada and around the world. Ultimately I don’t really miss it, as I find being in the US makes me nervous anyhow. But it is odd that a nation whose leaders all admit to sampling marijuana will ban anyone who admits to having “ever smoked” the herb.
? DL

Photocopied CC handouts

I am sending this letter to inform you that I have been making photocopies of pages from your magazine and putting them in radio stations, newspapers, colleges, cafes and stripper bars. I also put them up on pinboards and hand them out myself.

I started doing this after I got busted with Sec 4(2) and 3(1) of the Narcotic Control Act. My lawyer got it down to a plea on 3(1), so I got a $1000 fine and $800 for the lawyer. This hurt my pocketbook and now things are not looking so good. I may not be able to keep my home much longer.

I thank CC for their help on the cannabis trail, which can get pretty rough in these parts. It’s nice to know what’s going on beyond my doorstop.

Yours Truly,
Grande Prairie, Alberta

Sorry to hear about your cop-troubles, but I’m glad it spurred you towards greater activism. I know a number of people who decided to “come out of the pot-closet” after being busted for possession. So although I’m sure things are rough in Grande Prairie, Alberta, I hope you will tough it out and persist in spreading the word, and in support we’ll send you some extra copies of CC to help you save a bit on your photocopying bill.
? DL