Another Med-pot courtroom victory!

Czolowski: the eyes have it.  photo Stan CzolowskiCzolowski: the eyes have it. photo Stan CzolowskiThere’s been another big Canadian courtroom victory for medical marijuana, this time on the West Coast.
Stanley Czolowski, whose home was raided and his medical grow operation seized by police in August 1997, convinced BC Judge Jane Godfrey that marijuana is the only substance that alleviates the effects of his “open-angle glaucoma,” which include pressure in the eyeball, deteriorating vision, nausea from other drugs and pain.

Czolowski also reported that he sold some of his home-grown medicine to the Compassion Club, a Vancouver group that distributes quality marijuana to over 400 medical users.

Judge Godfrey granted Czlowski a discharge both for possession and trafficking, meaning he will not have a criminal record or face any sanction. However, police did seize all of his growing equipment and over 50 plants of various sizes, which will not be returned.

Lawyer John Conroy, who also represented Randy Caine in his ongoing constitutional challenge, is now seeking a doctor who will prescribe marijuana to Czolowski.

This case is similar to that of Toronto epileptic Terry Parker, who was found not guilty of possession and cultivation of marijuana by reason of medical necessity, on December 10, 1997. With medical marijuana courtroom victories piling up and cannabis buyers’ clubs springing up across the nation, Canada seems poised on the brink of a medical-pot revolution.Czolowski: the eyes have it. photo Stan Czolowski