Cannabis Crossword

Prohibition DestroysProhibition DestroysWelcome back once again to the pot-puzzler’s paradise that is the CC Crossword. We present below the solution to the puzzle in issue #12. We received a flood of responses to the puzzle with well over 100 entries, the correct solution was “Prohibition Destroys.”
The lucky first prize winner was BL in Surrey, BC, who scored himself a fat sack of herbal freedom. The runners up were PB in Windsor, Ontario, and DD in New Westminster, BC.

Roll up an inspirational bomber and try to puzzle your way through this issue’s stumper. When you’ve solved the clues, unscramble the coloured squares to reveal the mysterious message. Write it down with your address and phone number and get it to us before October 12, 1998.

We’ll do a random draw from all correct entries received, and we’ll send the winner a fat bag of happiness from Lotus-land, while second and third prize winners will receive some cool CC stuff. (If you’d prefer a hempen item as your first prize please specify on your entry.)

Send your entries by email to [email protected].

Please note that we accept entries from all nations. Happy Puzzling!

? Dana Larsen

Prohibition DestroysACROSS

1) Middle of “ceremonial social” is a joint.
5) Too many growers _____ the pot
10) High molecule
13) This point need not be made
14) Your plants need a secret one
15) What you need to grow in volume
16) Uncle’s mixed up tuna
17) Follows an X for lots of sex
18) A stamp of gold on hash that’s sold
19) First half of a popular rollie
20) Prohibition is on the ___
21) Where a crab makes his home
22) Fundamental concentrate
24) Rearrange hose onto your feet
26) What you did with those shrooms
27) Drug laws are not of the public’s _____
31) Marijuana sales have a positive effect on a nation’s _____ economics
34) You have been _____ the way.
35) Female deer
36) Woe is me!
37) With the Coast Guard chasing you, you’re better off here
38) Las Vegas lighting
39) Pot is supreme when you look back on it
40) Stain mix-up makes holy man
41) Goddess of the hunt.
42) What you have after sprouting
44) Short doctor
45) Assistant
46) Good grass ______ on a good grower
50) Often sounds where smoke abounds
53) This flower, by any other name?
54) Letter 18 is way they be
55) Is it human or rat?
56) Who rolls up a joint and won’t smoke it with you
58) Ding-dong! _____ calling!
59) Leary’s redeemer of humanity
60) Former editor Steve of High Times
61) How many times can you run the track?
62) A place to sleep, flowers to reap
63) Peaking on open waves
64) Threat: or _____!


1) An astonishing place to hide your stash
2) Sun King’s first name
3) The peyote spirit sometimes gives these powerful gifts
4) Terence McKenna’s pen name
5) Cleaned-up tree
6) What to empty before desert.
7) Another commonly cultivated grass
8) Put this into bong for cooler toking
9) Sounds heavy, but it’s just being towed around
10) The (10) of life is for the (11)ing of nations
11) see 10 down
12) Where some think all pot-heads go.
15) At the end of your butt are long, grey what?
20) _____ bigger and better things
21) You told two friends about your grow room, and they told two, and _____
23) Walls have them
24) Why midget lacks cash to buy a bag
25) End of gung-ho and beginning of weed
27) Cheech’s buddy
28) Cartoon halide shows mental event
29) High time
30) The kind of tics that makes good seed
31) They make you feel welcome, and you walk all over them
32) Vera’s healing herb
33) APEC mix-up fits tightly around the neck and hangs over your back
34) THC crystals do this in light
37) He _____, she _____.
38) Mild compliment.
40) You’ll be the shape of a pinner if you skip too much dinner
41) The Pope smokes _____.
43) Risked mixed dread
44) Abandon your friend in a hot, dry place
46) Units of acid
47) Oranges found at sea
48) What one does with acid
49) Government drug ___ isn’t worth a penny
50) Middle-eastern fellow.
51) Hemp fabric frill brings sensual thrill
52) Good for your head, or when your battery’s dead
53) Great anger
56) Condensed tetrahydrocannabinol
57) When pot-heads talk to politicos, it often goes in one _____ and out the other.
58) Fermented malt and hops