Pought Thots

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Baby Lily, Cannabis Covergirl

Dear Dana & Jana,

Congratulations on the birth of Lily. The magazine cover was great (CC#12). The magazine is always fabulous. I give issues I’ve read away to friends, then order back issues! I admire your efforts up there in Vancouver.

We’re trying to keep the medical cannabis clubs going down here, but as you know, it’s a

Hemp for Victory,
Brian W., San Francisco

All my congratulations to the Cannabis Culture team for the May issue. It is positively powerful. The cover is doing a snowstorm effect here in Quebec.

Do you remember your first issue, where you wrote you were aiming at being the best? Well if you are not there yet, you are really close.

I wish Lily my best. May peace and wisdom be with her.

Alain No?l, Quebec

I found the photo of baby Lily on the cover to be very offensive. I am very much on the pro-cannabis side, but seeing that little baby surrounded by buds and holding a big joint just turned my stomach. Images like that epitomize everything the anti-cannabis activists say about us.

Baby Lily should not be thrust into the frays of her parents’ political battles. She should be protected from them at all costs.

I have been reading Cannabis Culture since it was the Marjiuana & Hemp Newsletter and I have no plans to stop now. I respect you and your magazine for withstanding the brutal punishment that is dealt out by the government and police.

Sincerely, Mike M

This was the only complaint I received about putting my daughter on the cover of CC#12 in a bud-basket. To be honest, I expected far more controversy and complaints than I received. What I did receive were numerous congratulatory cards and good wishes from readers across North America, telling me that it had been their favourite cover.

Suffice it to say I see nothing offensive about babies playing with marijuana. The cover was symbolic of Easter fertility: baby, rabbit, eggs and cannabis all symbols of life’s proliferation.

And no, we haven’t had a visit from social services. If they did come, they’d find a happy, healthy baby, and loving parents with occasionally red eyes.


Death for Pot

I’m writing to you because of a letter I read in your Pought Thots section from Walrus of Love (CC#11). Your reply was right on the mark, and prompted me to write the enclosed manuscript.

I used to be like Walrus myself, thinking that obscurity was the way to go. But what happened to me has proven that I was wrong, that the war on drugs can reach out and destroy your life no matter how peaceful, loving and discreet you are.

The war on drugs pushes perfectly innocent people into situations where they a vulnerable to crime, and causes people to lose their lives.

My story needs to be told. The war on drugs has ruined my life. I don’t want what’s happened to me to happen to anyone else. They want to kill me, and they will if they get the chance.

David C Hill,

Lieber Correctional Institute
c/o Gracie Hill (Dave’s mom),
1542 Brickchimney Road, Georgetown, SC 29440.

Enclosed with David’s letter was a long manuscript telling his story, and of how his need for medicinal marijuana ended up with him in prison, awaiting execution for a murder he says he did not commit.

David writes how as a youth he experienced intense, painful headaches which sometimes caused him to black out. In 1978, at age 14, he tried some pot with a friend, and began occasionally smoking up. After a few years of discovery and experimentation, he found that his headaches were lessened in frequency and severity when he smoked pot. By age 16 he was had begun selling grass in order to afford his own necessary medicine.

He asked his doctor if pot could help his headaches, and was told that it was illegal and harmful, and that further discussion could lead to trouble. For the next 16 years David didn’t tell anyone else how pot helped him.

Unfortunately, David did not have connections with good pot-people. The only pot merchants David could find were criminals whom he distrusted, but he explains that had no choice, he needed his medicine.

David claims that these people framed him for a murder they committed, and he is now on death row in South Carolina, awaiting execution. An extreme example of what prohibition does to good people.

Although we here at CC have no way of verifying David’s story, we do know of many cases where kind, sick people have been forced into contact with criminals because they need a medicine which is not available through legal channels. It is a tragedy that gentle people who need nothing more than flower clusters to feel better are forced into the hands of those who will prey on them instead of helping to heal them.

We encourage those who need medicinal pot to avoid the unkind pot-merchants. If you can’t find a respectable dealer or buyer’s club in your town, then grow your own! You can also grow a few small plants undetected in a closet almost anywhere in the world.

If any of our readers wants to write to David or donate to his defence fund, they can do so care of his mother, at the address above. We’re sure he’d appreciate the human contact.

Good luck David. Blessed be.


Please don’t quit

I read your mag cover to cover. I find the articles (and ads) interesting, informative and entertaining. I like the heavy stuff, the religion and international reports. The article on Rosie was fun. I recognized the youthful lad with his ass in the camera’s face from Rochdale days.

When I was a younger person, around the time of the LeDain Commission, we were sure the end of marijuana prohibition was in sight. Now, almost 25 years later, young people are smoking more than ever and still being subjected to the same persecution/prosecution paranoia! Something must be done, once and for all! The first step is communication and information ? that’s where CC comes in. Please don’t quit.

Green Wolf

We’re not going to quit until pot is legal. But don’t you quit either, as we can’t free the weed singlehandedly.

? DL