The price is right

Jail is not the place to be if you get caught with a pot farm? that is, if you can fork over $10,000 the cops couldn’t vacuum out of your bank accounts on their first invasion of your finances.
If you’ve got cash, your unreformed soul can play out a heat’n serve conditional sentence in the comfort of your home, and still keep your mate and family.

A man charged with operating the biggest lightbulb pot farm ever seen in the Niagra Region was given a “your money or your time” option to close off the case, when it was found that search warrant irregularities were going to stink up the delivery of injustice for months and months.

Facing 7 years to life, the poor fellow decided that $10,000 hostage fees are a bargain. Too bad the courts don’t offer frequent flyer points for the pot business class who parade before them every day that prohibition continues.

Sleaze is always on sale, but the casino mentality has seeped into the halls of justice, and law has become a game show better suited to daytime TV screens than anything anybody can be proud of as a way of living with the world’s most valuable crop.