Mennonite pot pipeline – update

Mexican Mennonites watching Star Trek in Ontario prisons for wholesale pot smuggling offences will soon have company, as yet more of these gentle people join them in jailhouse hell for the same sort of reason.
More than 50kg of Mexi Sensi bong-fodder was recently seized in a raid at a Mennonite home near Morden Manitoba, after RCMP received a tip that a Mexican Mennonite man-wife team had arrived home with a whack of weed for two-wheeled clients.

RCMP at Emerson, Manitoba’s busiest border crossing, are on the lookout for pot coming North, while having to wrangle with pot going South at the same time.

At last year’s Mennopot trials, Canada Customs confessed to actually only getting batch samples from the enormous pot pipeline that continues to deliver tons o’ primo bud from Mexico to Canada, in spite of their best efforts. The few mules that get captured only imply a stampede in progress.