Rootie toots

“Ross Rebagliati deserves a second chance,” and who better than Roots to snap up the miracle snowplow man to bring fresh-faced infamy into the malls as pitchman for their American-owned, all-Canadian, upscale outdoorwear clothing chain?
Roots co-founder Don Green told reporters in Canada’s pot capital, Vancouver, that marijuana use is not condoned, and pushed down hard on the quit button to imply so many, including himself ? not knowing right from wrong ? cough. Heavy dose of morality from a commercial venture that usually only offers a choice of right from left.

The dashing Mr R stands by his choices and takes the heat, now under contract with Roots. That reversable gold medal is a marketing bonanza that has sold lots of those scarlet door-wedge hats Ross wore at the Olympics in Japan. He’ll likely have one as he Roots down to Utah for the next Winter Olympics. Ross’ notoriety will only advance the rep of the Whistler Mountain heritage pot community as he flogs togs for Roots.

Hey Ross! Learn to sew ? we’ll buy the Rebagliati label if Hollywood doesn’t treat you with respect.