CC Crossword

The Magic Phrase: ??????????? ????????The Magic Phrase: ??????????? ????????ACROSS1. Too much at one of these and you could end up behind them. (3)
4. Street where the action is. (4)
8. If you pay $40 for a gram of hash, you’ve been this. (3)
11. First man to taste forbidden fruit (4)
13. Whatever you’re ____, herbs can make it better (4)
14. Mr Jones is in my ____. (5)
16. A comment in mixed tone. (4)
17. Hemp changes colour when _____. (4)
18. Politicians need to become this before laws change. (5)
19.Seized pot is _____ and burned (5)
21. Hall to visit when you have munchies (4)
23. In retrospect, the “wall” is mostly made up of this. (3)
24. What kind of change is needed in the minds of prohibitionists. (5)
25. A nice warm drink makes the shrooms really stink. (3)
27. Movie backdrops. (4)
30. Cheech and Chong included giant rollies in their classic _____. (5)
33. Some budding marijuana plants are hung like this animal. (5)
37. The spirit of psychedelic plants to shamans. (4)
39. It’s your responsibility to free marijuana. (4)
41. Give an _____ of bud and they’ll want a mile. (4)
42. If pot grew from these it would be “pod”. (3)
43. Plastic cash won’t buy your stash. (4)
44. Note, shortened memory. (4)
45. Hash is sometimes pressed under these. (4)
46. Heartbreaker Tom. (5)
47. Mushroom seed in mixed ropes. (5)
49. Famous place for coke, mixed pure. (4)
51. Comes in handy for getting a vein. (3)
52. Patches and plots, sectors and zones. (5)
56. Changes to this could bring drug peace. (3)
59. A backwards gulp can jam things up. (4)
62. Act again, or about act. (5)
63. How you are in solitary confinement. (5)
65. Marijuana and hemp come from the _____ plant. (4)
67. Karate way to cut up bud. (4)
69. High flying Red shot down Snoopy. (5)
70. The moral effect of drug laws. (4)
71. Not there. (4)
72. Forbidden information is often found here. (3)
73. Even without a negligee, buds are _____. (4)
74. If it’s this kind of up, then you’re friend’s a narc. (3)

1. Prohibit in mixed basketball league? (3)
2. Take home a dot, with pee in it. (5)
3. Remember this when mixing nutrients. (5)
4. Cannabis was also banned during the _____ ages. (6)
5. Mixed up nay is good for all. (3)
6. Mixed up mite becomes generic thing. (4)
7. Plant junction. (4)
8. ____ now, brown cow? (3)
9. Cop’s fave search. (4)
10. Mixed up dear? (4)
12. Do it to butter before adding hash. (4)
14. Swiss city, sounds like tasty herb. (5)
15. How to fix your hemp pants. (3)
20. Pot can __(20)__ your __(54)__ and pains. (4)
22. How long must pot _____ illegal? (4)
26. As _____, so below. (5)
28. Mixed up peat can be sticky. (4)
29. Pot can help put you to _____. (5)
31. Zappa child: Moon _____. (4)
32. Mixed up tums means you have to. (4)
33. she, her: he, _____. (3)
34. One two is two _____. (4)
35. Real Canadian Marijuana Persecutors. (4)
36. Take a picture of new growth. (5)
38. Better this than never. (4)
40. Speak, sounds like french “what is”. (3)
45. Let’s get together and _____ all right. (4)
46. This kind of alcohol kills, this kind of pot heals. (4)
48. Curing your herb allows it to _____. (5)
50. I _____ go a day without pot. (6)
53. To _____ their own. (4)
54. see 20 down. (5)
55. Support your local hemp _____. (5)
56. Where they take the pee tests. (3)
57. Mr Rock or Mr Young? (4)
58. Your great-grandma likely _____ hemp. (4)
60. Hemp has many ____. (4)
61. God _____ man pot. (4)
64. Hemp is bad… ____! (3)
66. Some folks like to _____ tobacco and pot. (3)
68. Stroke your little animal.(3)

Solve the crossword, then unscramble the coloured squares to reveal the magic words(purple boxes then yellow)!.The Magic Phrase: ??????????? ????????

We’ve got a pair of solutions and a plethora of prizes to announce with this issue’s Cannabis Crossword, so bear with me persistent puzzlers, while I list off the legions of victorious entrants who by now have received their well-earned winnings through the gracious virtues of Canada Post.

The solutions to issue number ten’s perfidious puzzle were “Cannabis Canada”, “Free the Weed”, and “Herbal Freedom Now”. We promised three top winners, and we’re proud to announce that Kelly in Ottawa and a Torontonian with a name like a sound effect each took one of the grand prizes, and will hopefully partake of their winnings before attempting to win yet again with this issue’s puzzle. The third top prize winner is an Albertan columnist and letter writer known to many in the internet community, and we’re pleased to offer her and all our winners a sample of BC’s bountiful harvest. May you all enjoy your sample of Lotusland’s #1 export!

The six runners-ups ranged across the nation, and by now have received their CC T-shirts and fun stuff. Wear them with pride gang, you earned them!

Giving away three fat sacks of primo local herb and a half-dozen T-shirts and fun packs might seem like enough gifts and prizes to some, but we have yet to announce the winners of CC#11, last issue’s complex cannabis crossword, whose solution is also found somewhere nearby this rambling explanation.

The magic phrase was “Cannabis Indica”. A couple of readers worked a few a’s into i’s and got “Cannabis Canada”. A noble attempt, but only the most perceptive and accurate of puzzlers are entered into the exclusive final draw!

Our top prize winner was “MP” in Quebec. He asked that we arrange to send him seeds instead of bud, and of course we are always happy to oblige our winners. The proud pair of T-shirt-winning runners-ups have received their goods as well.

The gift bonanza continues this issue, as we’re offering yet another fat sack of BC’s finest, and more of the wonderous CC T-shirts as second and third prizes. So sharpen your pencils and whittle your wits, put on your thinking cap and pack the thinking thunder-bowl, and prepare yourself for this issue’s fantabulous Cannabis Canada Crossword Extravaganja!