RCMP surreal estate

Canadian justice is peeking through the blindfold as police use their sweeping new powers of seizure to take the homes and assets of marijuana growers. A string of precedent-sealing court cases have hammered all manner of would-be pot farmers and stripped them of their homes.
? A pot farmer near Smith Falls pleaded guilty to cultivation and lost his 88 hectare farm, an ATV and all his tools and “criminal” garden fixtures. Valued at $100,000, his farm is now government property to be sold at auction.

? A Brockville budmeister also pleaded guilty and took it all without a lawyer. He lost a 46 hectare farm and a new two-story house valued at $75,000, when it was decided that this ambitious Canadian had paid for it with marijuana sales.

Brockville crown Attorney Harry Charles leaves us with the new laws and a message to the thousands of pot growers who didn?t get caught. “The message is, if you’re going to grow it, or you’re going to allow it, you’re going to lose your property.”

Pleading guilty to cultivation pretty much guarantees seizure of your property. Plead “not guilty”, and you stand a chance of retaining your home, but probably without the halide lighting.

Provincial Police grab farms and toys, but the RCMP are getting very serious about seizing proceeds of “drug crime” to recoup enforcement costs, which are very expensive.

? An Ottawa man convicted of trafficking was cleaned out of his bank accounts in Canada, and arrangements were made to transmit the man’s conviction notice to police authorities in Jamaica to grab $70,000 deposited in Jamaican banks. Although the haul was not a particularly hefty reward for all the police work involved, this case was a dress rehearsal for how to proceed when the big fish are in custody.

Even the Hell’s Angels lost their fortified clubhouse near Quebec city as the special “carcajou” police squad formally seized all their property and kicked them out while the trial still goes on. Local residents had complained about the noise for years.