Elderly woman killed by police interrogation

woman killed by police interrogation

In the last week of March,
Sonny Krumm was talking with a friend in the living room of his house in Terrace,
BC, when police blasted through the door. They had received a tip about Krumm’s
small 35-plant medical marijuana operation. Krumm had been growing the healing
herb for both himself and his elderly mother, to alleviate the pain of arthritis.

Police told Krumm that they
had to arrest everyone in the house, handcuff them, and bring them downtown.
Krumm immediately thought of his elderly mother, who lay near death in the bedroom,
too sick to even go to the doctor’s office.

Krumm pleaded with the police
to leave his mother alone, informing them of her delicate condition. Police
ordered him to show them every aspect of his operation. He complied immediately.

“I would have done anything
to keep them away from my mother,” he recounts.

As Krumm was leading them out the door, he heard his mother talking to a police
officer. They had disturbed her anyway.

“I heard her say she wouldn’t
tell them nothing without a lawyer and that was the last I heard of her.”

His mother then collapsed
and died of a massive heart attack. No charges have been laid against Krumm,
although police returned to question him again. The RCMP and the coroner are
investigating the death.

“I don’t understand,” says
Sonny Krumm, “how can anyone tell you how to live?”

Or, for that matter, how to die.

Sonny Krumm can be reached
at (250) 635-6725.