Inner space meets outer space



cremated remains of two culture heroes, who between them opened up inner
space and outer space to the couch potatoes, will soon be in orbit above
this vulgar sphere we call home. Timothy Leary, the dread king of dope,
Gene Roddenberry, creator of the alien opera Star Trek, and 22 other former
humans, sky-seekers all, have joined the payload of a Spanish communication
satellite space launch for internment on the final frontier. Outer space,
spaced out… whatever.

Each lipstick-sized
ash capsule contains about seven grams of human remains, and they were
carried aloft on a Lockheed L-1011 jetliner from the Canary Islands, then
launched up to the heavens on a Pegasus rocket at 11,000 metres. At 600km
above the Earth, the rocket deployed the Spanish satellite and the heroes
of popular culture into the virgin vacuum. The satellite will remain in
orbit for two years, at which point the containers of Tim, Gene and the
others will break away into space, orbiting the world for anytime between
18 months and 10 years, before gravity burns them up in a flash of light
only NASA will see.

Project manager Chan
Tysor, working with Spain Defence Ministry says “This is a way for people
with a fascination with outer space to participate in the opening of the
frontier and connect with the star-filled night sky.”

Watch for commemorative
stamps from Grenada…

By Dr Alexander Sumach