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Smoke Signals (cc#8) – Licensed To Heal, Licensed to Wheel

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      to Heal

      to Wheel

      Grant Kreiger Gets a Ticket to Ride

      ?? In January, 42-year-old
      Grant Krieger received his driver’s license from the Saskatchewan Government,
      even though he admitted on his application that he consumes marijuana on
      a regular basis to relieve the muscle spasms and pain associated with multiple

      ??? Grant Krieger
      drew national headlines last May, when he tried to openly bring prescribed
      marijuana from Holland into Canada (see CC#6). He was detained by Dutch
      Authorities and his healing herbs were confiscated.

      ??? Kreiger
      submitted his Dutch prescription to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI),
      which is the agency that approves the province’s driver’s licenses, and
      he testified that he no longer gets impaired when using marijuana, which
      he both smokes and ingests on a regular basis.

      ??? Darcy McKenzie
      of SGI was quoted as saying that the board followed “the guidelines set
      by the Canadian Medical Association and the American Medical Association,
      in concert with our legislation in Saskatchewan.” He continued “There’s
      not a lot of extensive research in this issue, and let’s be fair, doctors
      have prescribed the use of cannabis in Canada for glaucoma.”

      ??? Who knows,
      maybe SGI even read the 1994 study by Holland’s Institute for Human Psychopharmacology,
      which, after comprehensive on-road driving tests, concluded that “THC’s
      adverse effects on driving performance appeared relatively small,” and
      that “users seem able to compensate for its adverse effects.”

      ??? This confirmed
      a massive 1992 study by the US National Highway Transportation Safety Administration,
      which concluded that marijuana is rarely involved in driving accidents
      except when combined with alcohol, and that “there was no indication that
      marijuana by itself was a cause of fatal accidents.”

      Bianca Sind

      For more info… contact Grant
      Krieger at Highwear Hemp: 4445 Castle Road Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 4W4.
      Phone (306) 586-4367; fax (306) 584-5141; email [email protected];