The Snohomish County Cannabis Creators

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    They’re lean, they’re green, and they’re changing
    the scene.

    The Snohomish County Cannabis Creators

    A Hotbed of Cannabis Consciousness

    ??? Western Washington
    has long been a hotbed of cannabis consciousness, and since the late seventies
    has been developing a pervasive hidden culture of indoor cannabis cultivators,
    breeders, connoisseurs and consumers.

    ??? Average quality
    steadily increased throughout the eighties, in some cases to the point
    of disbelief. Large indoor commercial farms thrived, exporting Washington
    grown buds all over the country, much as is now happening in Vancouver.

    America’s war on drugs had been chugging
    along the whole time, gaining steam for ten years and imprisoning a lot
    of people, yet it had not really put a dent in the supply of any kind of
    mind expanding substances. Law enforcement agencies were under obvious
    political pressure to get results, or at least headlines, and so in 1989
    they undertook “Operation Green Merchant.”

    ??? This nationwide
    police action resulted in dozens of garden supply stores and hundreds of
    growers across the country being busted, all in one day. Many local growers
    managed to slip by undetected, but were cut off from familiar sources of
    grow supplies, or else scared into early retirement. By the beginning of
    1990 commercial supplies had dried up, and the overall scene became quite
    bleak. Washington’s cannabis consumers had become accustomed to a very
    high standard of commercial product, and suddenly were left to fend for

    ??? During the early
    90’s, a whole generation of hempsters empowered themselves with knowledge
    and truth, and for the first time began heeding the call to action of pioneers
    like Jack Herer. A small group of us had already decided that the only
    way to get back our favorite plant and pastime would have to be by doing
    it ourselves. We managed to get our hands on some good clones and formed
    a loose partnership to produce the much needed herb.

    Hard Lessons & a Good Idea

    ?? Things went
    well for us for about a year, until one founding member had to learn some
    hard lessons about prohibition. Within three months thieves struck at two
    different locations, and both burglaries resulted in police busts.

    ??? By luck,
    and probably to some extent because of the way that the cops stumbled onto
    both situations, the two cases went to State Court. Unlike the US Federal
    Court, there are no mandatory minimums in State Court, and Washington state
    has some of the most lenient pot laws in the country. With the help of
    a good lawyer one case was dropped in exchange for a guilty plea in the

    The final sentence was twenty-six
    days in the local clink, a year’s worth of urine tests and about $2500
    fines and fees. A walk in the park compared to the mandatory 10-15 years
    the cultivator would have faced in federal court. Yet twenty-six days is
    twenty-six days, and it was during this time that the idea for a growers’
    co-op and virtual cannabis preserve was conceived. It was named the Snohomish
    County Cannabis Creators (SCCC), with a nod to the now defunct Super Sativa
    Seed Club.

    ??? The founding
    purpose of the SCCC was to create as much of the highest quality cannabis
    as is physically possible. This time, everyone was invited to help.

    ??? The SCCC
    has grown side by side with the explosion of hemp consciousness, more than
    doubling every year in both members and production. The SCCC actively supports
    the hemp movement by teaching and spreading hemp information, and by donating
    herb free of charge directly to people with a doctor’s recommendation.
    The SCCC has also been a primary sponsor of the awesome Seattle Hempfest
    since 1993.

    World Class DNA

    ??? The SCCC
    has been actively searching out Washington’s finest clones for six years
    now, and currently maintains a very dynamic line-up of world class cannabis
    DNA. To make it into the SCCC, a potential contender plant must compete
    with the existing strains in potency, smell, flavour, flowering period,
    and yield. If it cannot compete in most of these areas it must have some
    extremely unusual characteristic that gives it redeeming value.

    ??? All of
    our strains were obtained as clones except “The Pez” (Northern lights),
    which was the made-in-the-stars result of one thoughtful individual saving
    a single seed from a bag of supreme quality near-sensimilla.

    ??? Classic
    pure sativas are conspicuously absent from our high-potency line up. We
    certainly recognize that some sativas can be superior in many ways, and
    it is a main priority to grow the highest quality buds possible, yet in
    the real world, especially these days, it also makes sense that more bud
    is better, and will bring more healing and more enlightenment. Since indoor
    space is limited, the vast majority of what we grow are pure indicas and
    mostly indicas, simply because they yield more buds in less time. In a
    prohibition state, this is a matter of simplification for the cultivator,
    many of whom are amateurs.

    ??? So the
    idea of a cannabis creators’ co-op and virtual cannabis preserve five years
    ago has resulted in established standards of quality which span an unknowable
    geography. SCCC members routinely smoke herb grown by someone they’ve never
    met at someplace they’ve never seen, that is very consistent with the quality
    standards that they are familiar with and have come to expect.

    By giving clone strains
    individual names, they are personified and earn a reputation. The SCCC’s
    rule for sharing clones is “free to a good home”, so all regular consumers
    of SCCC product know that they have access to the all-important high quality
    genetics, if they should ever decide that they want them. In this way,
    career smokers who aren’t growers soon develop a desire to grow, as they
    begin to associate the finished product traveling down the chain from the
    more experienced members with something they could actually grow for themselves.

    The Home Cannabis Creator

    ??? One founding
    member recently published a short but inclusive grow guide which outlines
    the standard SCCC cultivation techniques in laymen’s terms. When a new
    member has obtained a space, a light, and the other basic necessities,
    the desired clones are dropped off with a copy of “The Home Cannabis Creator”,
    which further reduces the need for direct contact between individuals in
    an admittedly sketchy situation.

    ??? The SCCC
    is adamantly opposed to greed in all forms, but especially in the form
    of improperly dried cannabis flowers. True members do not consider making
    money their top priority, it is just a by-product of doing a great service
    to the community. True members make sure that their crops are dried properly.
    They know that by keeping the quality standards up they are encouraging
    even more people to join in their efforts, and become part of the phenomenon
    that is cracking the foundations of the corrupt establishment as we know

    ??? During
    last summer, SCCC members finally started to figure out some successful
    techniques for outdoor cultivation, a difficult task in Washington’s cold
    and rainy short season environment, and several cannabis creators demonstrated
    the most success we have ever seen outdoors. More on that next issue. Until
    then, good luck and a happy high.