Gettin’ Busy at Cannabusiness ’96

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Busy at Cannabusiness ’96

    ??? The
    29th of November started unexpectedly early. At 6:30am, the morning after
    the Cannabis Cup closing ceremonies, my friend Sasha woke me up. “Barge,
    get up, we’re going to Germany for the Cannabusiness show!”

    by Barge

    Three hours later
    I was nearing the German border in a minivan with Sasha Przytyk and his
    father Jerzy, both from the Polish Institute for Natural Fibres, Sasha’s
    younger brother Ziv, who is part owner of Montreal hemp store Je L’ai,
    and members of the Cannabis Cup award winning crew from the Ohio Hempery.

    I was stashing my
    day’s supplies when suddenly everybody up front started clapping and cheering.
    Apparently we had just crossed the border, no questions, no searches, we
    didn’t even slow down. Finally a border I didn’t mind. The only difference
    I noticed was German roadsigns instead of Dutch.

    A few stoned hours
    later we arrived in Castrop Rauxel. All I knew was that we were somewhere
    in Western Germany, going to some kind of paraphernalia trade show. I had
    no idea what to expect, especially after my disappointment with the Cannabis
    Cup in Amsterdam. Entrance was 300dm a day, so a press pass seemed like
    a much better idea.

    A few minutes later,
    press kit and pass in hand, I entered the building. My eyes bulged and
    jaw dropped as I realized that this was not going to be a disappointment.
    Holy cow, a fully fledged cannabis paraphernalia, grow and hemp trade show!
    Like a home or ski show, but all for the cannabis culture.

    The Paraphernalia Section

    The first day was
    reserved for retailers and press. The paraphernalia section was made up
    of different manufacturers displaying a huge variety of bongs. I liked
    the bongs with the removable and interchangeable magnetic bowls, but I
    thought the bongs with two built in bowls were pointless. There weren’t
    any fruit or vegetable bongs, my personal favourite. Joint rolling machines,
    papers and pipes were also displayed.

    No Smoking, it’s Germany

    The next two days
    the trade show was open to the public, therefore much busier. Moving around
    was very slow at times, but with so much to see I don’t think anybody cared.
    I continued wandering around meeting cannabis activists from around the
    world and checking out the booths.

    Unfortunately, since
    we were no longer in Holland, cannabis smoking was repeatedly discouraged
    over the PA and by the small inactive German police presence. Many fairgoers
    discreetly smoked eurospliffs mixed with an unhealthy dose of tobacco.
    I had to take many fresh air and personal bowl breaks because of the heavy
    clouds of tobacco smoke.

    The Grow Zone

    The grow section
    was made up of seed companies and grow stores displaying their many different
    grow supplies. The completely enclosed and computer automated grow systems
    were impressive, as were the vertical grow systems, designed to make the
    most of tight European floorspace.

    In the middle of
    the grow section were various cannabis publications, books and magazines.
    Psychedelics were also well represented, with kits for growing mushrooms,
    peyote and San Pedro cacti.

    Party and Awards

    Since many exhibitors
    were going to the Cannabusiness party, I decided to check it out. 20dm
    and a few minutes later and I was enjoying a good buffet, music, and a
    lot more puffin’.

    After the buffet
    and a couple of bands, the German language Hanf! magazine presented some
    awards. Jack Herer, author of the classic The Emperor Wears no Clothes,
    received a lifetime achievement award for his many contributions to the
    cannabis liberation movement.

    The media award
    was given to Mathias Brockers for writing Die Wiederentaleckung der Wutzplanze
    Hanf, the German translation of the Emperor. Brockers also founded HanfHaus,
    a successful German chain of hempstores.

    Michael Karus, founder
    of the nova-Institute, the leading German research group on hemp fibre,
    received the Science and Technology award.

    Alexander Remmele,
    co-founder of the German group “Cannabis as medicine”, received the medical
    marijuana award. Alexander, a chemotherapy patient, has since been hassled
    and his group’s medical marijuana stolen by the German authorities.

    The advertising
    and marketing award was presented to Emil Reichmann and Frank Zander of
    Tri-Tech. Tri-Tech organized the Cannabusiness trade show and other previous
    German hemp fairs. They will also be hosting the second Cannabusiness trade
    show in September 1997.

    If Cannabusiness
    ’96 was any sort of indication, September ’97 would be a good time to travel
    to Germany, especially for any North American hemp retailers looking for
    new products.

    After the awards,
    the party continued into the early hours. I had breakfast in the morning
    with mostly hungover Cannabusiness exhibitors, and then returned to the
    trade show for its final day.


    Moving around was
    pretty slow, but I managed to check out most of the large and impressive
    hemp section. It contained clothes of all designs, even hemp jackets waterproffed
    with hemp oil. There were also aromatherapy hemp pillows stuffed with low
    THC hemp buds, as well as hemp mattresses, couches and chairs.

    There were a lot
    of hemp foods, including hemp seed cookies and bars, breads, cheese, ice
    cream, pop, beer and liqueurs. There were also hemp cosmetics of all sorts,
    lipsticks, various body oils and lotions, and even some cannabis bud perfumes
    from Switzerland.

    Anyone interested
    in an environmentally kind house should have seen the hemp construction
    materials, like hemp based concrete, stalk chip wafer boards that are stronger
    and lighter than plywood, and also hemp insulation and carpet underlay.
    My favorite product was the hemp snowboard. Of the world wide hemp presence,
    Germany and Switzerland seemed to have the largest variety of products.
    Thanks to Rosa and Alex, kind editors of Hanf! Magazine, and to all the
    others who helped me on my European cannabis trip.

    For more info…

    Contact Hanf! magazine at: Medien GmbH, Postfach 7, D-79233 Vogtsburg,

    tel 0049-7662-911990

    fax 0049-7662-911995