Cannabis Day: July 1st, 1996

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<p>Cannabis Canadians celebrated Cannabis Day on July 1st with parades and<br />festivals across the nation.</p>
<p><font size= 4>Cannabis Day: July 1st, 1996</font></p>
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Rally organizers promoted a parade which was to begin at the
Vancouver Art Gallery at 2:30pm, terminating at Sunset Beach. The organizers had applied for a permit to use the beachside park many weeks before, but city council had turned down the request. Their reasoning had told them not to support an event where illigal activity is likely to take place. They declared that the event was
“off” and the local newspapers did not stir, duly noting the vote and cancellation.


Thousands of people showed up to walk the streets in support of Cannabis day
for one reason or another. The attendees filled the street for blocks, and were happy to be assisted by the
Vancouver Police. The Motorcycle Club Section helped stop traffic for the paraders,
and decided to stay around for the rest of the day. They even invited more guys from the


Things really started to conga when the party hit the beach.
The drummer folks started to beat off in a circle, people started dancing, and a lot of people just sat down. The beach was filled, the bands were ready for their PA system, and the special guest speakers were set. However, the Vancouver Police decided that
if you don’t have a permit, you can still gather in large numbers, but you certainly can’t have a P.A. system. So there was no amplification to be had on the beach, save for the hand-held megaphone used during the parade. Heroic David Malmo-Levine, after facilitating and
aggravating the parade, dedicated himself as a human megaphone stand, so that the voices of some could be heard by most.

Elvy Musikka

Special Guest Speakers

ELVY MUSIKKA- US legal marijuana recipient: Elvy Musikka receives
legal, prescribed marijuana joints from the US government as medicine for
severe glaucoma. She is one of eight Americans who receives medical
marijuana, and would be blind if she did not regularly smoke the forbidden

Elvy did not bring her medicine to Canada with her, as the last time
she tried to enter Canada it was seized and she was turned away. However, thanks to the local medicinal selections,
Elvy reportedly had no problems with her vision while in Vancouver. Elvy is
also an accomplished singer and has produced a CD called “The War on Us.”

CHRIS BENNET, Canadian author of “Green Gold, Marijuana in Magic and
Chris is an expert on the spiritual and sacramental uses of
marijuana throughout history, and has been a longtime hemp and marijuana
activist from his home in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island.

STUART PARKER, Leader of the BC Green Party: The Green Party is one
of the only political parties that supports tyhe decriminalization of
marijuana and is not afraid to speak out on this issue.

Marc Emery

DR ALEXANDER SUMACH- Canadian author of “Grow Yer Own Stone”: Dr
Sumach is a reknowned expert on Canadian cannabis history and culture. Dr
Sumach testified before the Canadian Senate about the Controlled Drugs and
Substances Act, and has travelled extensively through Europe, examining
their growing cannabis hemp industries.

MARC EMERY- Owner of Hemp BC and Publisher of Cannabis Canada:
Canada’s most well-known cannabis activist is currently facing eight counts
of trafficking in marijuana seeds, and has also announced his candidacy for
Mayor of Vancouver.


In addition to the special guest speakers, the megaphone was available to those in attendance with an an inclination to speak. Many people took the opportunity to share their insights with the crowd.

The pictures you see here are just some of the many taken during the day. It’s always a good idea to record events such as this when they happen in your area, both for posterity, and self-defence. It has been noted that police seem more timid in the presence of evidence-producing recording devices. On Cannabis day the police had recording devices of their own, and made a videotape of the event (Some months after the 1994 Vancouver Hockey Riot, police and newsmedia videos were shown repeatedly in Vancouver suburban shopping malls, in the hopes that shoppers would be able to identify purpitrators in the riot; it is doubtful that the police Cannabis Day video will be used in this manner).

nice day

Other Cities

Rallies and marches took place in other cities across
Canada, including Victoria and Dartmouth, where 2 people were arrested.

In Nanaimo, contact Doug of the Cannabis Coast Store, at 604-741-0185

In Edmonton, contact Amy Von Stackleberg of Grassroots Edmonton, at

In Thunder Bay, contact Ken Venema of Kaiyun, at
807-345-1149. Information on rallies in other cities will follow.

For More Information

For more information, contact David Malmo-Levine of Hemp BC, at 604-669-9069,
or email him at
[email protected].

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