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Public Exposure

Read Arrest, also by Marc.

We’ve had a great deal of public exposure recently:

Marc Emerya two page feature in the San Jose Mercury Daily Paper, the front page of the Wall Street Journal, a one hour legalization debate on Newsworld, two hours on the nationally syndicated Jay Diamond talk show in the USA, one hour on CNN Radio News, articles in Vancouver Magazine, Ad-Network Magazine, Equity Magazine, and the awesome February “BC Bud” issue of High Times Magazine!

There’s also been hundreds of articles in Canadian and American daily papers, the Sunday Times of England, Asian Wall Street Journal, the National Enquirer, and others I’ll probably never hear about. This level of exposure has allowed me to speak out to millions of people on many different occasions.

I debated Reform Party MP Randy White in person, and Reform Party Health Critic Dr Grant Hill on television.

In all of these forums I have always put forth a clear denunciation of prohibition and the beneficial uses of marijuana and hemp. I hope the listening Cannabis Culture has enjoyed the arguments I have put forth on our behalf.

The January 4th police raid against Hemp BC, as vicious and traumatic as it was, generated even more media attention. The issue of cannabis prohibition has regularly appeared in TV, radio, and newspapers across the country and around the world.

The Mayor of Vancouver publicly denounced Hemp BC, and police spokesperson Anne Drennan referred to Hemp BC as having “long been a thorn in our side”. Yet we pay over $25,000 in taxes a month and employ over twenty Canadians full time! Such rudeness from our Mayor and police.

Most of the 8,000 copies of the last issue of Cannabis Canada have sold out, and 10,000 of this issue are set for distribution in Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, England, Holland, and Australia.

Hemp BC has also released souvenir commemorative postage stamp sheets, a beautiful set of twenty four stamps about Cannabis Culture in 1995. This is a limited collector’s edtion of only 2,000 sheets, each individually signed and numbered by yours truly.

This was to be a fundraiser for the many constitutional challenges taking place across the country, but circumstances mean that now $5 of each sheet sold will go to the Hemp BC Legal Defence Fund. We will issue a new limited series each year, but this one will probably be the scarcest in years to come.

The Hemp BC and Cannabis Canada logos are now available on hemp hats and recycled cotton T shirts as well. Proudly wearing one of these is an excellent way to show your support for our common cause.

To repeat a quote from the Wall Street Journal profile, “Eventually, we will overgrow the government.”

Amen to that in 1996.

Read Arrest, also by Marc.

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