Letters: Demonic Promotion?~

CC Summer 1995: Letters: Demonic Promotion?

Dear Sirs,

Congratulations on the new look and name. Hemp hemp hurrah!

If your magazine reaches a large and influential audience, the anti-social
tendencies and results of the War On Drugs may be properly exposed, and
peace enabled.

Please consider, then, the back cover of the first Cannabis Canada (April
’95), a full-page ad for water pipes which features a large graphic of a
green-skinned red-eyed horned devil sticking his tongue out. While some
people may enjoy flaunting religious superstitions or taunting their
oppressors, I believe the imagery is counter-productive and repulsive.

Many people will view this prominent depiction of demonic lust as
indicative of the art and morals of the cannabis community. I protest that
a mythological beast that feasts on human misery does not belong in a
magazine purporting to support the liberation of Gaia’s sacred herb.

If Cannabis Canada intends to help end the war as well as survive
financially, wide and diverse support is required. Perhaps more care could
be taken to avoid re-inforcing the stereotypical images that bind our
shackles. That one ad may have overpowered and undone the many noble
articles that may now never be read by the people who should be reading

Here is the sad part – reading Cannabis Canada in public would be a good
way to initiate educational discussions, but I for one would not want to be
seen reading a magazine that apparently promotes demons.

May the blessings be,
Rob Rippengale

Dana Responds

A beast that feasts on human misery? I prefer to view the fellow in the
Chills ad as being the primordial god Pan, his green skin reflecting his
ties with nature, his red eyes showing his use of Gaia’s sacred
herb. Perhaps a good topic for an educational discussion might be why we
associate the cloven-hoofed Pan with the Christian idea of Satan, and see
where that takes you.

I’m also surprised that you didn’t complain about the Barmes ads for
Brian’s Edible Briefs and the Sexy Doll at the centre of last issue. We
gnashed our teeth more over that one than we ever did over the feasting
beast. -Ed


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