Ukraine’s participation in Bioresource Hemp 1995

CC Summer 1995: Ukraine’s participation in Bioresource Hemp 1995



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Hemp in the Ukraine

Pavel Goloborodko from the Ukrainian Institute of Bast Crops
reported on the current status of the hemp industry in Ukraine. Over
hectares of hemp were grown in Ukraine for fibre and
oil until the 1950’s. This figure had fallen to
hectares by 1994, but is expected to rise again.The Institute of Bast Crops
has been researching the anatomy, biology, physiology, selection, genetics,
harvesting and processing of hemp for sixty years. The Institute has
established a genetic fund of hemp since Ukraine’s independence in 1992,
and currently maintains about three hundred varieties, each of which is
catalogued according to fibre and cannabinoid content, as well as many
other factors.

Pulping the Whole Thing

The Ukrainian Pulp & Paper Research Institute (UPPRI) presented
their newly-developed and unique pulping technology. Vladimir Krotov’s
paper explains that hemp stalks contain about one quarter long bast fibre,
and three quarters woody core fibre, also called hurds.

It is usually necessary to mechanically separate the two types of fibre
before pulping, because the optimum pulping conditions for each are
different. However, the added costs of separating processes include higher
capital investments and operating expenses, and the advantages of better
quality pulp are at least partially negated by the high loss of raw
materials during mechanical stalk-separation.

Soft & Decentralized

The process developed by the UPPRI uses mild reagents, a weakly alkaline
medium, and organic solvents to produce very soft pulping conditions that
allow the entire stalk to be pulped as a whole. The pulp yield is therefore
higher than traditional methods.

The technique requires no fresh water, and therefore it generates no
effluent. Also, one unit can combine all the necessary equipment for an
unbleached pulp plant, thus allowing for the development of profitable
low-capacity plants and even mobile units. This could be a major factor in
the decentralization of pulp and paper production in Ukraine and around the


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