France’s participation in Bioresource Hemp 1995

CC Summer 1995: France’s participation in Bioresource Hemp 1995



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Several Centuries of Chanvre

The only French representative at the Bioresource Hemp Symposium was
Michka, an author and journalist from Paris. Michka explained that
hemp has been grown legally in France with no interruption for several
centuries. Although its use for textiles ceased in the 1960’s, hemp fibre
is still processed into pulp for specialty long-fibre papers. An example of
this is the German company EFKA which manufactures
hemp “Canuma” brand rolling papers. EFKA was one of the sponsors of the

Cannabis Construction

France has been exploring innovative uses for hemp hurds over the last
decade, particularly in construction. Firms such as Chenovette
and La Chanvriere de l’Aube now use hemp hurds as raw
material for insulation and construction projects. The hemp hurds are
usually mixed with lime or cement to produce these materials. They can be
used without further additives in foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, and
plaster. The mineralized hurds are blown or poured into a cavity if being
used for insulation.

Truth or Consequences

An interesting sidenote to Michka’s presentation is that she is being sued
for libel by Gabriel Nahas. Nahas has been a prominent opponent of
marijuana for almost forty years and has authored numerous studies of
dubious scientific credibility that claim to show its damaging effects. He
is suing her for an article she wrote for “Maintenant” magazine in 1993,
called “The Crusade of Gabriel Nahas – or the Art of Disinformation”.

The trial is set to begin in September, and Michka has gathered an
impressive array of marijuana and drug experts to testify as to the truth
of her attacks against Nahas. Unfortunately, the costs to properly prepare
a defence are rapidly mounting, so donations and financial assistance are


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